It’s Here: The Nourish Sale!

How many eye creams, serums, oils, do you have? Ready to replace them ALL? Our best selling, simple, under eye balm Nourish, is power packed with the only essential nutrients your delicate skin needs. Nourish deeply hydrates, soothes, and firms the area around your eye, and visibly reduces...

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Travel Essentials for your Winter Vacation

That feeling of giddy anticipation as you get closer to vacation time is one of life’s great joys. What may come as a surprise, is that while your brain and body are getting that much needed rest, your skin is stressed out!   The poor air...

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How to Pick the Perfect Soap For You

New! To make shopping easier, we've added a Shop by skin type tab to our navigation.  Whether your skin is oily or dry, sensitive or irritated. If you’re  combating acne or don’t  want to give in to wrinkles, SallyeAnder has many all-natural solutions that will help...

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Let’s be frank about Frankincense

Believe it or not, most people have no idea what Frankincense is. When I ask, I receive responses like, “It’s something in the Bible; has to something with Christmas, wise men, maybe incense…” By the way, they’re all true. It is in fact a tree...

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The SallyeAnder Grand Opening: Thank You!

The Hudson Valley community welcomed our business this weekend with open arms. We had the pleasure of meeting many locals, business owners and making new friends. The interior design by rStudio, of our Flagship was truly appreciated and praised throughout the entire day, especially our...

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Grand Opening Celebration!

On June 17th in Beacon, New York, over 300 Hudson Valley youth will participate in an event designed in part to raise awareness about natural healing properties of ingredients that can be cultivated right in their backyard. The event, which is hosted by SallyeAnder and...

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It’s Back! Eucalyptus Soap!

We have heard your cries to bring back our traditional Eucalyptus soap, which is why we proudly announce its return. Eucalyptus was one of our earliest soaps and has been used for centuries for an enormous amount of aliments. This cool bitter, yet pungent herb...

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February Special: Rose Gold Six Pack + Rose Clay Mask

Organic Rose soap is one of our earliest soaps. Back in 1982 my father was growing organic roses in our backyard for my mother. Harvesting and growing roses organically is an extremely difficult challenge, they require constant supervision and grooming. Over the years though, my...

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Bayberry Candles: An American Tradition

When the first settlers arrived on our shores, every moment was one of survival. Everything was in short supply including candles. Generally candles were made of tallow (animal fat) which tend to smoke and give off an odor which can turn rancid as well. It...

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