Natural Skincare for Spring: The Green Soap Set

Natural skincare for Spring. To celebrate the season, all of our green soaps are on sale in this set. Milk and Mint, KRUDD Reserve, Evergreen, and No Bite Me Soap symbolize the transforming of blooming plants during the springtime budding. These 4 bars are perfect as gifts...

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Glowing Skin: 5 Amazing Skincare Ingredients

At SallyeAnder, the ingredients matter. Like many of our loyal customers, we like to understand the power and benefits of the ingredients that we use in our soaps, balms and creams. With that in mind, we've compiled an exhaustive glossary of skincare ingredients. As our product line...

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February Special: Rose Gold Six Pack + Rose Clay Mask

Organic Rose soap is one of our earliest soaps. Back in 1982 my father was growing organic roses in our backyard for my mother. Harvesting and growing roses organically is an extremely difficult challenge, they require constant supervision and grooming. Over the years though, my...

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Bayberry Candles: An American Tradition

When the first settlers arrived on our shores, every moment was one of survival. Everything was in short supply including candles. Generally candles were made of tallow (animal fat) which tend to smoke and give off an odor which can turn rancid as well. It...

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November: Rescue Me

Herschel, my youngest child, has eczema. His skin is extremely itchy especially in the folds of his skin, elbows, knees, and face. He is only 18 months but it bothers him tremendously as he is constantly itching his skin. I have to be super cautious with...

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October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In the past few years, deodorant, specifically antiperspirants, have been under scrutiny for their high levels of aluminum-based compounds. These specific compounds temporarily plug the sweat duct, stopping the flow of sweat to the skin. It is not just the aluminum that can be irritating...

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Limited Edition: Kaleid-o-soap

As SallyeAnder continues to grow, we are always looking for solutions for excess. In 1983, Gary was hand milling the corners of each bar, making several pounds of surplus soap a day. He built a heavy duty hand scrub (HOGWASH!) from that left-over soap, which is...

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Getting to Know You: A Customer Survey

It has been a very busy year at Sallyeander and we are so grateful that you've found us here. We'd love to know more about you. Here are a few questions that we'd love answers to. To say thank you, we'll pick one of you...

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Back to School: Apple Crisp

We are in a New York State of mind this September, as we bring back our Apple Crisp lip-balm! Every blue moon I like to bring a seasonal best-seller back into production. This month as orchards all over the state start harvesting apples we have chosen to...

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