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7 Extraordinary Days in Panama


Thanks to our friends, Kristen and Ivan Morales, I visited The Reserva Ecologica Panamaes in western Panama. It was an amazing adventure to explore the natural flora of Panama where everything seems to grow. Plants I have only studied in books were there in profusion; Ylang ylang (found in our Rose Clay Mask and Red Clay & Henna Shampoo Bar), Frangipani, a native western hemisphere relative of Frankincense, several varieties of mango and palm, and flowering vines.  It was remarkable that there were so many species of plants growing in a dry climate.



The Reserve is a self-sustaining environment. Previously, it was all but striped with little or no native species remaining, but thanks to their efforts, it has become a blossoming haven to the plants and creatures that were once cleared or driven away.


Situated on Panama’s majestic Pacific coast, it provides sweeping views of the coastline.



Their location presented them with the opportunity of running a sea turtle conservancy program with community involvement.


In the week there, I was able to record some of the plants that we could utilize in in our products. It will be an exciting collaboration with the reserve while they continue their work of conservation and reforestation.


-Gary (Founder)

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  1. Awesome Gary, Keep up the work, this is great opportunity,, and if you ever need a travel companion.. lol

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