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Daydreamer Bayberry Wax Blend Scented Candle


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Daydreamer embodies the delight and anticipation of each new day, much like the way Frankincense has been a source of solace for thousands of years.

For millennia, the timeless allure of Frankincense, renowned for its stress-relief properties, has been a cherished companion on life's journey.  Every choice you make can be seen as a puzzle or a staircase within the mind, leading you to places unknown, while the comforting influence of this candle, infused with the age-old wisdom of Frankincense, can help you embrace the day's challenges or unwind with a sense of clarity and calm.

We take great pride in using a rare and authentic bayberry wax blend for our candles, a treasure that is truly unique and quite uncommon to come by in the market.

Scent profile: Frankincense & Mountain Rain

"For four extraordinary decades, SallyeAnder has been on a journey to craft fragrances that transcend the ordinary, touching the very essence of your senses. With the release of our new candles, we invite you to join us in celebrating this remarkable milestone by indulging in scents that have been perfected over time to create an olfactory experience like no other." - Sallie Austin, President

Size: 8oz

Daydreamer Bayberry Wax Blend Scented Candle


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