Say congratulations in a clean, fresh way

SallyeAnder is super excited to announce our new customizable special occasion soaps. Available in four scents, there’s a blank space right on the front of these 2oz. bars for you to fill with a sweet and simple message.

Perfect as shower gifts, party favors or to welcome arriving guests. Whatever your special event, this is your chance to put your own little stamp on it and say it with soap.

Message Soap Special

These soaps are special order with a required lead time of 5 business days.
Payment is required at time of order. Once form is submitted you will be contacted within 24 hours.

By checking the box below, I understand that obscuring or removing any of the originial Sallyeander branding is strictly prohibited upon purchase. I acknowledge that Sallyeander products are not eligible for resale unless i am approved as an authorized retailer. *