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Sallyander In the News: NOURISH Under eye treatment

Thank you Coco Baudelle, and Into The Gloss for using our Nourish Under eye treatment in your morning routine! Check out the AWESOME video!


Our Nourish is a little known powerhouse for getting rid of dark circles.  Dark circles are an extremely frustrating problem with little known natural solutions. We created this balm because of the skin under your eye is very gentle and thin, therefore it needs to be treated gently.


Harsh chemical peels, acid or injections can be dangerous and may not be needed. Skin is a living organ that rarely needs chemical intervention if properly care for.  We do not use any chemicals in our products and you will find that you will only need one or two of our products to properly keep skin looking radiant!


The best way to use this balm is after a shower when all of your pores are open. The Nourish balm is absorbed into your skin to reduce puffiness and dark circles.  Orchid oil helps brighten the skin while the meadowfoam oils keep puffiness at bay. You can either use it like Coco, in the morning, or at bedtime.



Thanks again Coco! Enjoy!

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