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Getting to Know You: A Customer Survey


It has been a very busy year at Sallyeander and we are so grateful that you’ve found us here. We’d love to know more about you. Here are a few questions that we’d love answers to. To say thank you, we’ll pick one of you who leave answers below to receive a nice gift from our collection of handmade soaps. Here’s the questions:

How did you discover SallyeAnder?
Did you see us first in the shops of one of our wholesalers?
Perhaps you found us on the web first. How?
Was it through our social media?
What product is your favorite?
Is there something you’d love to see us add to our collection?
Do you have a unique use for one of our products that we should note?

Thank you all so much for your support!

16 thoughts on “Getting to Know You: A Customer Survey

  1. I found some SallyeAnder soaps at Upstate Stock in Brooklyn while browsing with my wife and baby last month. My wife had mentioned the NO Bite Me before, but I didn’t know about the soaps.

    I’ve had eczema and dry, sensitive skin all my life, and was weary (and still am) of artisanal soaps with scents and “unnecessary” ingredients, nevermind the mass produced soaps. So, I picked out the bar that seemed to have the least number of ingredients, and possibly the most beneficial for dryness: Olive Oil.

    After using it once, I immediately noticed I wasn’t itchy after patting myself dry with a towel after a shower. And I didn’t even need to lather myself up with Cetaphil post-shower in order to avoid flaky skin and itchiness all night in bed. When the bar ran out about a month later (yesterday), I went back to another brand of soap. I was up all night itching and scratching my back and legs and realized that’s how I’ve been living my life all along before I met SallyeAnder Olive Oil!

    So, today, I biked over the bridge back to Upstate Stock and bought me a couple more Olive Oil bars and figured I’d try the Oatmeal and Cedar soaps, too. I’m looking forward to less skin issues and hopefully improved sleep.

  2. I first found out about you guys when I discovered Hogwash at the Mast General Store in Boone, NC. We were living in Birmingham at the time and I knew it might be hard to find more, so I stocked up! My youngest son was in little league at the time and I always had a fit trying to get the Alabama red clay out of his baseball uniform. Hogwash was a miracle! I gave bars away to other baseball moms because I knew I shouldn’t keep this miracle soap a secret! Anyway, when I found out some friends of mine were going to Boone I gave them money and asked them to bring me back a bag of Hogwash….this time I kept it for myself! It really lasts and works on every stain I have ever come across.
    Now we live in Toccoa, Georgia and are only about an hour from Greenville, SC. When we went there for my son’s engagement celebration we found the Mast General Store downtown! I was so excited! I asked immediately if they carried Hogwash and went straight to it! So happy I could get it again! When I gave away my last bar I took a picture of the label to remind myself to find you guys on the internet. Here you are and so here I am! I just placed my first online order for Hogwash and your new layered soap! I’m so excited!
    Thank you so much for your amazing soaps!

  3. I first discovered Sallyeander soaps at Amerciasmart in Atlanta a few years ago. I got several soaps which I used when I returned home and have been using them ever since. My favorite is the lavender moon swirl soap which I buy in twos, one to use in the shower and one which makes my closet smell heavenly just by placing it in there. I buy the oatmeal soap for my grandson who has sensitive skin…great product also. Thanks for making wonderful products that are made in the USA!!!

  4. We met Karen and Gary at a home school convention 25 years ago when both of our businesses were getting started. Our customers love the No-Bite-Me and the Heavy Duty Sweet Grace aka Heavy Duty Hand Therapy. Amazing overnight results for chapped or rough hands and elbows.

  5. I was introduced to SallyeAnder products through my mother in law. She bought me a bar as a stocking stuffer for Christmas one year and I have never used anything else since!! I love all the scents, especially Milk and Mint, Candy Cane and Winter Ice. Thank you for making such wonderful products!

  6. Hello!

    I discovered your products on a weekend trip to VT. My gf and I were traveling south on Rt 7 and I noticed a sign that said smoked meats,it was Dakin Farms. Being a fan of smoked meats and bbq in general we stopped. Ist things first we hit the rest rooms. As I was waiting for her I noticed your product and was intrigued. Being a mechanic and having oily skin in general I’m always looking for new soaps. I then purchased a Lavender moon for myself and another one which I don’t recall for her. We continued on out trip back to CT and I was excited to try it. That night I took a shower and was very happy! The smell, the exfoliating and the way if left me feeling clean! I will definitely continue to buy in the future.

    Thank you!

    Chris Pero

  7. I was introduced to your products when I recently purchased some SallyeAnder soaps at the Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival. Your products are really wonderful and those of you working the booth were so kind and helpful.

    Your Winter’s Eve soap instantly became a product I will never be without. I find the scent to be so soothing and am enjoying it very much.

    Thank you for being dedicated to creating really high quality products.

  8. I was first introduced to SallyeAnder by my aunt on the 4th of July when she allowed us to try some of her “no-bite-me” cream, which worked very well I might add. I later decided to place an order for the cream but while looking at the products on your website, I was intrigued by your “hogwash” soap so I added that to my order as well. Last night, after my daughter was done dyeing leather for an underbust corset that she’s making, she had blue dye on parts of her hands and splatters on her arms. I suggested she try “hogwash” because nothing else was working. WOW!!! The dye came off of her skin quickly and easily. Thank you for producing such amazing products!!!!

  9. I discovered you when my friend gave me a gift box of your bar soap and lotion in 2006. I had perpetually dry hands and your lotion worked wonders! In 2015 I bought more lotion and the apple lip balm.

  10. How did you discover SallyeAnder? – I first discovered SallyeAnder from my daughter, who went to school at SUNY Oswego. I went to your shop in Minetto and was given some great deals on a variety of the soaps offered there.

    What product is your favorite? My favorite is your goats milk soap. I previously was using goats milk soaps from other companies, but really liked yours. I only use your soap for all members of my family.

    Is there something you’d love to see us add to our collection? I think you have a great collection, I couldn’t think of anything to add. Since you moved out of Minetto, I have been going to the Farmers Market and can get a good sampling from that vendor.

  11. I first discovered Sallyeanders soaps when my husband and I were in Lynchburg Tennessee and we went into one of the stores and they had a bunch of the soaps. We purchased some and we really like them esecially during the winter months when dry skin happens, it really helps! I have no around me that sells sallyeanders soaps so i just order it from their website!!

  12. I was always buying “artisanal” soaps at various craft shows and handmade showcases. I’d found some good ones. I bought some poor imitations. It wasn’t until I found Sallye Ander at a nearby gift shop, Canal Towne Emporium, that I realized I had the best. I almost can’t explain how superior these soaps are. So rich, emollient and perfectly, naturally fragrant. Very effective, removing even stubborn makeup effortlessly, yet so easy to rinse off. And as a bonus – the elegant, chunky square blocks are beautiful to look at! I’ve turned lots of folks onto your soaps and each is amazed at the difference of a great quality, true saponified product over supermarket bath bars and other natural but ordinary soaps. It’s hard to choose one favorite but I do find myself ordering the Rosemary and Milk & Mint often. There are so many varieties already I feel piggish requesting more but I do have a weak spot for a richly scented citrus & spice. I make my own essential oil mix of vanilla, clove, tangerine and blood orange with a touch of bergamot that I would LOVE as a SA soap! Thanks so much for your made-with-love products!

  13. I first learned of your products through a home show my aunt had. Loved the products and always went the the farmer’s market on Saturdays and then to the shop in Minetto to get my favorites. Loved the story of how your company came to be. My favorite product was first the lemon ice lip balm. Loved the way it felt and the fact that it did not need to be applied several times a day.
    Then, my husband started developing itchy welts in his arms and got him using the soaps. While they really helped him, we found out later that it was a medicine that he was taking that caused the rash. Love the fact that you can use the soaps for hair and body!
    No bite me was a family favorite when having outdoor parties. Great bath salts too! I moved from the Syracuse are 16 years ago, but do order my lemon lip balms to this day! They last a long time.
    Thank you for your great products!

  14. My family discovered your products in a little store called plum creek primitives in downtown McKinney TX. Our 6 year old has horrible eczema in the winter and we tried everything the last few years from prescriptions to oils with no relief for him. One day we were out exploring downtown and we came accross your amazing heavy duty hand therapy balm. Within a couple uses his little hands started healing. It was such a blessing to find, he had been so self conscious because his hands were rough and always bleeding. Your cream is now part of his nightly routine in the winter in our home. His little hands are healed and soft and always smell yummy. The whole family loves it so we keep jars all over in the winter.

  15. First found your product in the store in the Lake Placid KOA. It was our first time to the Adirondacks and we were being eaten alive by black flies so we were looking for relief. Bought the No Bite Me soap and tried it and it helped so much.

  16. I discovered SallyeAnder soaps probably 20 years ago at a show in Rochester NY. My favorite product is No Bite Me and No Bite Me soap as well as Hogwash. I use Hogwash for everything!!!! I would love to see toothpaste!!! (Or maybe beauty products?)

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