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Happy Mother’s Day!

It is almost Mother’s Day! An entire day devoted to us- no dishes, laundry or cooking. Woohoo!

Usually, the most peaceful time in my day is the time I spend taking a shower. When my oldest son Lincoln was born, I would rush in and out of the shower, worried that he would be in some peril if I took an extra 5 minutes. He would always seem to wake up the second I’d turn the shower on. So instead of rushing, I became accustomed to taking a shower late at night after the kids are in bed. No little boys banging on the door, or screaming at each other just me and the steaming hot water. SallyeAnder-56The shower helps me relax and put everything in order in my head. Sometimes I even splurge and burn a balsam incense to help me relax even further. Picking a soap is a little luxury I have here at the soap company. My father loves to experiment and I love to be the tester of his new soaps. I’ve been using our Dandelion and Calendula soap we are working to release for June- it’s so sweetly refreshing and soothing. I can’t wait for everyone to try it! This week we are offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $30.00, so make some time for yourself, pick a couple soaps,  and get your relax on. Summer always brings a happy type of craziness, so stock up- you deserve it.

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