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The definition of ‘Hogwash’ is ‘nonsense’.
Our ‘Hogwash!’ soap bar is anything but.

In the early years of SallyeAnder, every soap bar made was trimmed by hand, resulting in a ton of soap scraps. My parents disliked wasting the small pieces that accumulated from the trimmings and miscut bars of soap, so they began to experiment with how they could use those perfectly good pieces of excess. 

The solution became ‘Hogwash!’


My dad wanted to add a scrub that would be biodegradable and also wouldn’t dry out your hands, so he decided on cornmeal instead of a harsher material like pumice. ‘Hogwash!’ works just like any other soap to help dissolve dirt. That action is enhanced by the glycerin that works similar to a solvent. The coarse granular properties of cornmeal can work as an abrasive element to scrub stains, but really the work is done by the enzymes in the cornmeal to help dissolve the stains.

Soap making to us is a science but also artistry, so the varying colors of each soap bar are our creative expression and purely for aesthetic purposes. Each color is derived from natural ingredients like clays, oils and edible ingredients.












Just some of the stains ‘Hogwash!’ has removed:
grass stains
tomato sauce
moto oil
grape juice
bubble gum

We have a long list of testimonials that even we find it hard to believe, and it got rave reviews on POPSUGAR.

We don’t recommend using ‘Hogwash!’ on naturally dyed fabrics unless you try it first on a small inconspicuous patch. It sees the natural dyes as stains. For any delicate fabrics, it is best to dissolve some of the soap in cold water and gently apply it to the stain – never scrub it. 

‘Hogwash!’ is also an excellent hand scrub for gardeners, mechanics, kids, artists, chefs – anyone needing to washing their hands often. Because of the high glycerin content, you can cleanse your hands several times a day without drying skin. So if you need it clean. Just say ‘Hogwash!’.

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