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How many roses go into a bar of SallyeAnder soap?

sallyeander organic rose soap

Every batch of Organic Rose soap we make includes hundreds of roses. It’s never exact because, well, we’re human. But typically we can use up to a few hundred roses for a single batch of Organic Rose soap. We even add over 10 whole rose petals for every batch!
The same roses in each batch of the soap come directly from our own garden. Have you heard the phrase that ‘roses are like relationships’? It’s true. We’ve learned how true that saying is through years of experience.

You see, for every batch of soap we make with rose oil and petals, we’ve watered, pruned, fertilized, and fed over 500 individual roses. If anything is true about the care and keeping of roses, it’s the time and energy it takes for a rose to truly flourish.

We use a wide variety of roses spanning in origin, color, and temperament. Our full display includes: Kanagem, Just Joey, Typhoo Tea, Stars and Stripes, Cinco de Mayo, Iceberg, and Koko Loko. Co-owner of SallyeAnder, Gary Austin, cares for every single rose. He has been gardening since childhood and knows each flower’s needs like the back of his hand.

sallyeander organic rose soap

Here at SallyeAnder, our first goal is to find what about each flower, herb, or plant can heal. It’s not just the beautiful smell that we look for. Thankfully, in the case of a rose, we have many options for healing properties.

Rose petals are highly edible and incredibly useful. They have been used for centuries to combat depression and digestive issues and they help tone skin, mitigate wrinkles and soothe irritation.

sallyeander organic rose soap

The rose hips, or what’s left after the flower petals have fallen, are extremely high in Vitamin C (as well as A & B). Because of these vitamins, we use the oil in nearly all of our formulas. The oil is also strongly anti-bacterial, antiseptic and a potent sedative. You’ll notice that the smell of our Organic Rose Soap isn’t the only benefit of the soap– it’s incredibly healing for skin blemishes and tone.

At the end of the day, our ultimate goal is to take the best of every plant and flower we use and put it in a soap that is good for your skin. In this case, the roses are full of benefits. Pick up a bar or two here.

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