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How to spoil them on Father’s Day: the perfect gifts for our Dads

Father figures come in all forms.

What better way to celebrate their uniqueness than to give them a handcrafted gift?!

Here is our curated selection of the best prezzies for all possible fatherly types.

Daddy Cool

He can be a young hipster who has just become a dad or a seasoned father who has already forged a network of dad-friends on local playgrounds. Yet there is one common thing he can never forsake – his style. Daddy Cool may be the most challenging type to buy presents for, as he’s usually into all the newest trends and gizmos. But rest assured – this eco-friendly shaving bar will steal his heart!

SallyeAnder’s shaving soaps guarantee both a super smooth shave and great-smelling aftershave. They are made of all-natural ingredients to protect and moisturize sensitive skin and ensure a painless shaving experience.

And they smell divine, too! 

You can choose the scent of simplicity with our Almond & Oatmeal Shave Bar, the scent of wholesomeness with Evergreen & Spruce, opt for freshness with Eucalyptus &Mint, or go sexy with Patchouli & Frankincense. What’s more, these shaving bars are a no-waste option, helping to reduce every man’s shaving footprint. Pair your gift with a classic Italian-made shaving brush that helps to lather the soap and makes a razor glide smoothly.


If your home (yes, we’re talking about your actual house here!) could have a dream dad, this dad type is it. He is super handy and getting dirty is his middle name. This project loving kind of Dad probably doesn’t spend much time for self-care but we want him to give his hands some love and rest. DIY Dad will surely appreciate SallyeAnder’s Heavy Duty Hand Therapy Cream. It is a soothing, healing treatment for everyday wear-and-tear on the skin, which is great for severely dry, cracked, or heavily worked hands. They’ll thank you after the first use. DIY Dad will also love a bar of ‘Hogwash!’ to clean up after the job is done. 

Indiana Jones 

This man’s feet were made for walking! His bold spirit has taken him on many wild adventures in his life, but when he comes home, he liked to be pampered.

SallyeAnder’s Heavy Duty Foot Therapy is a moisturizing, soothing, and healing balm that’ll be an overnight success with every seasoned Indiana Jones. A unique blend of herbs and essential oils helps to tackle deep irritation while softening skin and reducing calluses. It has an addition of white willow – a known herbal topical analgesic – that helps to relax tense muscles and ease the pains of overworked arches and heels. Add in a real pumice stone (cool fact: Pumice stones are formed when hot lava mixes with water and hardens!) and a little foot rub, and you’ll end up with one happy Pop in the house.

Grillmaster Dad

Dads love the spectacle, that’s for sure. That’s why they seem to prefer barbecuing to baking or broiling. The Grillmaster Dad works like an alchemist, fusing fire, and meat to satisfy his family’s appetites. But hey, grilling is an outdoor job, so he often needs to fight off heat, wind, and hordes of insects!

The best present for this Dad is a “No-Bite-Me” Bug Repellent Set: the cream and the soap. These products will keep all the naughty bugs – black flies, mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas – at bay, allowing your Dad to have his show and eat his meat too, all bite-free. They are also natural, DEET-free, and non-toxic for the safety of the whole family.

Workaholic Dad

He is a hardworking type, often up early and back home late, glued to his computer and the phone. Life can get pretty hectic for this Dad, so we need to make sure he gets his dose of self-care, too. He would probably be the happiest if you gifted him the newest iPhone, but let’s stick to smart scenarios. SallyeAnder’s all-in-one luxurious KRUDD Balm offers limitless possibilities in one dandy black jar. It helps to tone, warm, invigorate, and moisturize tired skin. The addition of essential oils and ancient myrrh boosts circulation and relaxes sore muscles. This is a perfect companion for the man-on-the-go!

Check SallyeAnder’s Men section for more uplifting and inspiring gift ideas!

The last day to order for guaranteed delivery for Father’s Day is Sunday, June 12th!

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