Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is an edible vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean. The dried, roasted cocoa beans make chocolate while the fat from the beans make the cocoa butter. The cocoa butter’s high fatty acid content makes it useful in personal care. Cocoa butter is a solid at room temperature and melts at body temperature which makes it ideal for lotions and creams.

Cocoa butter has marvelous therapeutic properties and acts as a protective barrier for the skin. In fact, this vegetable fat and the cocoa bean itself proved so essential to ancient cultures like that of the Aztec that it became custom to use the beans as currency.

Benefits of Cocoa Butter for Skin:

  • Moisturizing and hydrating. Cocoa butter is easily absorbed, prevents moisture loss and adds sweet scent. Cocoa butter is an effective moisturizer for all skin types since it is high in natural fat, yet non-greasy.
  • Healing and protective. Cocoa butter contains plant-based compounds called phytochemicals which protect against UV rays. In addition, this vegetable fat provides a protective barrier when applied to the skin, making it perfect as a lip balm.
  • Anti-aging. In addition to smoothing wrinkles, cocoa butter also slows down aging by protecting your skin from the harmful effects of excessive sun exposure.
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