An extremely beneficial and stable oil that has high concentrations of tocopherols (a family of vitamin E), meadowfoam imparts a luxurious feel to skin. Meadowfoam flowers (Limnanthes alba) are native to California, Oregon, British Columbia and Chile and are known to provide a number of unique applications due to their high quality oil. For instance, meadowfoam oil is used in soaps, creams, lotions and baby care products. We’ve been formulating with it since it first came to market. Now nearly every major cosmetic company uses meadowfoam. Meadowfoam is moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging.

Benefits of Meadowfoam for Skin:

  • Moisturizing and non-greasy. Meadowfoam is an excellent moisturizer for all skin types. It contains long chains of fatty acids which easily penetrate the skin, resulting in deep hydrating benefits. In addition, the high quality nature of this plant-based oil means your skin will stay moisturized without feeling greasy.
  • Softens skin. Meadowfoam contains skin softening properties that results in radiant, younger-looking skin. For instance, meadowfoam oil offers nutrients that include Vitamin E which protects and softens the skin.
  • UV protection and anti-aging. Another key ingredient in meadowfoam is glucolimnanthin. This is known for its ability to protect the skin from damage that often results with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. In addition to its sun protective properties, one study suggests that glucolimnanthin helps prevent premature aging by limiting the breakdown of collagen in the skin.
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