Organic Fair-Trade Coffee Beans

Coffee contains caffeine, an ingredient which researchers have recently discovered stimulates circulation in the skin. Coffee also has as many antioxidants as green tea. This high antioxidant content means organic fair-trade coffee beans are an exceptional skincare product, perfect for promoting health within the skin. An additional benefit of coffee is that it absorbs and neutralizes odors while exfoliating the skin. Coffee is used in natural home remedies as well as cosmetics. It is exfoliating, antioxidant, and stimulating.

Benefits of Organic Fair-Trade Coffee Beans for Skin:

  • Exfoliating and cleansing. When ground and used in skincare preparations, organic fair-trade coffee beans provide a nutrient-rich mask or scrub. This helps to remove dead skin cells and oil secretions that clog pores. When used regularly, it may also reduce acne since it cleanses the pores while removing acne-causing bacteria.
  • Stimulates circulation and reduces cellulite. Coffee stands apart from other natural skincare ingredients due to its ability to increase blood circulation to the skin which may result in reduced incidents of cellulite.
  • Antioxidant properties. Studies show that coffee, like green tea, is rich in antioxidant properties which protect the skin cells from damage and disease. Antioxidants are known for their ability to fight against volatile molecules called free radicals which often damage skin cells and may lead to disease or cancer.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Other benefits of organic fair-trade coffee beans relate to their anti-inflammatory capabilities. These coffee beans are packed with chlorogenic acid and other plant-based chemicals which reduce pigmentation and other skin issues associated with inflammation.
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