Red Clay Powder

We use red clay imported from the South of France in the Provence area. Considered an all-purpose clay, red clay is very absorbent, detoxifying and remineralizing. It contains a high level of iron which strengthens and purifies the skin. When applied directly to the skin in masks, scrubs and other skincare treatments, red clay powder draws out excess dirt and impurities that can cause blemishes, blackheads or pimples.

Benefits of Red Clay Powder for Skin:

  • Absorbent and cleansing. Blackheads and pimples often occur when pores, i.e. small openings in the skin, get clogged. Red clay powder, when used as an exfoliating mask or scrub, absorbs and removes dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil secretions that clog your skin’s pores. It also tightens pores, which makes it less likely that blackheads or pimples will reappear. The result is healthier skin that looks polished and radiant.
  • Treats acne. Red clay powder also treats acne. Its cleansing capabilities mean bacteria which thrive in oily or dirty skin will have a less tasty environment to live in. Thus, red clay powder detoxifies and cleanses the skin while adding important nutrients your skin needs to stay healthy.
  • Mineral-rich. This effective skincare ingredient offers another important benefit to skin: it is remineralizing. It nourishes your skin by introducing essential minerals such as iron. In fact, red clay powder is especially useful since it contains more iron oxide than other types of clay. The iron in red clay strengthens and purifies the skin.
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