Rosemary Oil

Native to the Mediterranean, rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is now produced mainly in France, Spain and Tunisia. It is an evergreen herb and a member of the Lamiaceae family — a group of powerful, aromatic herbs which include mint, patchouli, sage, oregano and basil.

Rosemary is one of the oldest plants used for food, healing and spiritual rituals. In the Middle Ages, for instance, individuals used rosemary to drive away evil spirits. In more recent times, rosemary oil provides an effective treatment for dandruff, eczema and headaches. It is also a natural perfume and insect repellant. Rosemary is antiseptic, astringent, digestive, restorative and antioxidant.

Benefits of Rosemary Oil for Skin:

  • Antiseptic and cleansing. Rosemary oil is antiseptic. It contains cleansing and soothing properties which treat diseases of the skin and scalp such as dandruff and eczema. The result is skin that is healthier and free of irritations related to redness, itchiness or pigmentation.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties. Other benefits of rosemary oil relate to its ability to treat joint pains related to inflammatory diseases. These diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, which causes pain in the knees as well as other joints within the body.
  • Natural insect repellent. Rosemary oil acts as a natural insect repellent. In fact, studies suggest that it is one of the most effective essential oils when it comes to repelling harmful, biting insects such as mosquitoes. Rosemary oil in repellent products offers relief from insect bites helps prevent mosquito-borne diseases like zika, chikungunya and dengue.
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