Native to the Mediterranean, the Romans called sage the “sacred herb”. It is an aromatic herb known for its excellent flavor. Its leaves can be used fresh or dried in meats and other culinary products. Sage belongs to the family of herb plants called Lamiaceae which includes peppermint. Like other herbs in the Lamiaceae family, sage and the essential oil extracted from its leaves provide a host of benefits to the body.

Sage has been used traditionally to treat bloating, stomach pain, sore throat, gingivitis and asthma. In addition, sage essential oil is said to help balance hormones and treat hot flashes resulting from menopause or prostate cancer treatment. It is also a good source of Vitamin K. Sage is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant and astringent.

Benefits of Sage for Skin:

  • Rich in vitamin K. Sage offers a healthy dose of vitamin K, an important nutrient that benefits the skin. Vitamin K is essential as it speeds up healing and helps to remove skin imperfections related to scars, spider veins, burns, redness and pimples.
  • Antioxidant properties. Sage also contains antioxidant properties which offer amazing benefits to the skin. For instance, antioxidants like vitamin C which are present in sage fight free radicals. These are volatile molecules in the body that, if left unchecked, often result in premature aging and disease. Sage’s rich supply of antioxidants ensure your skin stays younger and healthier.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties. Other benefits of sage oil for skin relate to its anti-inflammatory properties which protect your skin from inflammation. Inflammation in the skin often occurs as a result of exposure to irritants or allergies. Sage’s anti-inflammatory properties increase your skin’s ability to respond to these irritants resulting in less instances of redness, pimples, or itching. Sage oil is an effective treatment for chronic, inflammatory conditions in the skin such as rosacea.
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