Spikenard, also known as muskroot, is an herb native to India, China and Japan. It has been referenced in the bible and was used by the early Egyptians. Traditionally, it was used in medicine and religious ceremonies. In more recent times, individuals use spikenard herb and its essential oil to treat allergies and inflammation, and to rejuvenate mature skin. Like ginger and tumeric, spikenard essential oil is extracted from the underground network of stems in certain plants called the rhizome. Spikenard is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, deodorant and tonic.

Benefits of Spikenard for Skin:

  • Antioxidant and antibacterial. Spikenard contains antibacterial properties that make it useful for skin care. Spikenard essential oil, in particular, contains phenolic acid which acts as a powerful antioxidant. This antioxidant maintains health within skin cells while fighting harmful bacteria.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties. Spikenard is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties. This protects your skin from inflammation which often causes pigmentation, redness and pain. Spikenard may also offer benefits to the skin when consumed as an herb or tea.
  • Fragrant scent. Other benefits of spikenard for skin relates to its appealing scent. It perfumes the skin, leaving a fragrant, long-lasting scent. For this reason, it is useful in soaps and other skincare products. Spikenard essential oil may also be used for massages.
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