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Keep Your Sallyeander Soap Fresh!


Keeping your SallyeAnder soap fresh and lasting long shouldn’t be a chore. We want you to be able to enjoy your bar as long as it will last, but it does require some maintenance on your end.

Follow these three steps to keeping your bar dry and lasting longer:

  • Store your soap away from running water in the shower or tub. Water can ‘melt’ soap, leaving it deformed and slippery. The dryer a bar of soap, the longer it will last.
  • Consider purchasing our soap saver. Elevating a bar of soap gives all six surfaces air flow to facilitate drying.
  • When packing soap to go with you on a trip, consider slicing off a small sliver, wrapping it in paper, and packing in a bag. It’d be super inconvenient if you packed a small portion but it was wet and dissolved by the time you got on your trip.

Pick up your own soap saver with your next order, here!

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