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Limited Edition: Kaleid-o-soap

As SallyeAnder continues to grow, we are always looking for solutions for excess. In 1983, Gary was hand milling the corners of each bar, making several pounds of surplus soap a day. He built a heavy duty hand scrub (HOGWASH!) from that left-over soap, which is now our best-selling product


Fast forward to 2015, Samuel, Gary’s son, and our head saponifist, has resolved a similar issue with the left over soap. Samuel saw that with every batch he would have around 5-10 ounces of unused soap. He started pouring the soaps together, basically layering them. At the end of the week he would bring me a cut bar from a batch. I started using them at home, and falling in love. Sam would give them out to customers at our local farmers market to try, and it has just continued to be a crowd favorite.sallyeandercalendulaharvestselects-46

This soap takes a day or two to be worn in. Every single time you use it the smell changes! Each layer has its own essential oils that mix with the other layers of soap, causing an invigorating and calming shower experience. This soap lasts forever! The layers are given enough time to cool, and makes the soap 4x as hard. Kaleid-o-soap is being sold as a Limited Edition as we only make 36 bars a week!




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