SallyeAnder Natural Ingredient Glossary

Natural Skincare Ingredient Glossary

Discover the premium ingredients
found in our natural skincare products.


Natural skincare requires natural ingredients.
Discover the essential oils, botanicals and other premium ingredients
in our 100% hypoallergenic skincare.

Almond Oil

Used in: Almond Goat Milk, Sugar Plum, Almond & Oatmeal Shaving Bar

The almond belongs to the same group of plants as the rose, plum, cherry and peach. The almond tree is a native of the warmer parts of wetern Asia and of North Africa but has been extensively distrubuted and cultivated in all countries bordering on the Mediterranean. We use almond oil for external use which is valuable for softening the skin.


Used in: Baby Balm, Baby Soap

The aloe is a succulent plant native to East and South Africa. It is now cultivated in countries bordering the Mediterranean. The Arabic name saber means patience, as the plant requires very little water. Aloe reduces pain and inflamation and stimulates skin growth and repair. It is also an excellent moisurizer.

Candy Cane - Natural Ingredient GlossaryCanada Balsam

Used in: Candy Cane, Cedar, Rosemary

Canada Balsam comes from the Eastern United States and Canada. This plant grows near wet woods, swamps and rivers. Because of it’s optical quality, Canadian balsam was used as a glue for optics, as well as for mounting in microsope slides. As an essential oil is is good for antiseptic, antidepressent, stimulant, and anti-inflammatory.

Barley Grass

Used in: Milk & Mint

Barley grass refers to the youngs shoots that pop up on the barley plant. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (niacin), bitamin B6 (folate), vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin a. Barley Grass is rich in antioxidants which makes it excellent at eliminating toxins.


Used in: Lip Balms

Beeswax is one of the oldest crops used by humans. It is used for candlemaking, pharmaceuticals, wood polish and food preservation. It is also know for its wonderful moisturizing qualities.

Brown Rice Flour

Used in: Green Tea

Brown rice makes and excellent exfoliant that is not too harsh for the skin. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants

Calendula Blossoms

Used in: Sallye Sunshine, Calendula Dandelion, Calendula & Camomile Shampoo

Also known as the French or pot marigold, calendula is used to reduce inflammation, calm and soothe wounds. Anit-inflamatory, antiseptic, astringent and tonic.


Used in: Seagrass

Originating from Southern India, the dried ripe seeds of the cardamom are what is used. The seeds are warming and help with indigestion. It is a member of the ginger family and has many of the same properties. Antiseptic, aphrodisiac, digestive and used as a stimulant.


Used in: Apple Crisp

Originally from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), the Dutch were the main traders of it. Cinnamon is now largely cultivated. Cinnamom bark is the dried inner bark of the shoots. It is an excellent stimulant, astrigent, and antiseptic and encourages circulation.


Used in: Frankincense, Sallye Sunshine

Our signature citrus is a blend of tangerine, pink grapefruit, lemon and lime oils.

Cocoa Butter

Used in: Sugar Plum, Hand Therapy, Foot Therapy, Rescue Me

Cocoa butter is an edible vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean. It is used to make chocolate as well as used in personal care. Cocoa butter is a solid at room temperature and melts at body temperature which makes it ideal for lotions and creams. It has marvelous theraputic properties.

Cocoa Powder

Used in: Soapuccino

A rich source of theobromide and antioxidants, cocoa not only lends its color to our soaps but has naturaly skin soothing properties.

Coconut Flakes

Used in: Sugar Plum

Coconut flakes provide an aesthetic exfoliant to our Sugar Plum soap. Sugar plums were not plums but confections shaped like plums and then rolled in coconut.

Coriander Oil

Used in: Seagrass

Coriander is the seed of the celantro herb. It is used extensively in food preparation. It has analgesic , antioxidant, and stimulating properties.


Used in: Hogwash

A readily available natural scrub that is biodegradable. It is ouralternative to pumice.


Used in: Calendula and Dandelion

Dandelions are considered a nusance weed, but the entire plant is highly nutritive and healthful. Botht the leaf and the root can detoxify your system and cleanse impurities from you liver. High in vitamins, mineral and antioxidants.


Used in: Storm

Eucalyptus is native to Australia but now grows in North and South Africa, India and Southern Europe. There are more than 700 different species of Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is used as an antiseptic to treat body pains, fever, sinus congestions and colds. antiseptic, antiviral, decongestant, deodorant. Used in treating arthritis, muscle pain, asthma, coughs, colds, fevers, the flu and headaches.

Evergreen Oil

Used in: Morning at the Lake, Evergreen, Organic Rose

Our evergreen blend is derived from spruce, pine and balsam varieties of fir trees, each imparting their own blissful scented and theraputic qualities. They all have been used as medicines by native peoples all over the world.

Five-Spice Herbs

Used in: Pumpkin Spice

It is the culinary blend of Cinnamon, Allspice, Clove, Ginger and Black Pepper


Used in: Frankincense, Winter’s Eve, Harmony, Rescue Me, No-Bite-Me, Heavy Duty Hand Therapy, Heavy Duty Foot Therapy

Frankincense is a resin that comes from a number of varieties of the Boswelia tree. Highly valued for centuries, often worth more than gold, It is used in the preservation of food, incense, folk medicines and cosmectics Frankincense is especially good for dry and mature skins, scars, wounds & wrinkles. It is anti-inflamatory, antiseptic, astringent and calming.There is much research ongoing for is medicinal properties.It is highly antiinflamator, calming and antisceptic.

SallyeAnder natural skincare ingredientsGinger

Used in: Apple & Ginger Shampoo

Native to southern Asia, Ginger has been used as a spice for thousands of years. Commonly known as a digestive aid, ginger is also excellent at relieving muscular aches, fatigue and congestion. Anti-oxidant, antiseptic, antibacterial and aphrodisiac.

Goat Milk

Used in: Almond Goat Milk

Goat Milk contains vitamin A, and several B vitamins including riboflavin, niacin, B6, B12. Goat Milk also contains Alpha Hydroxy acids which penetrates the top layers of skin to exfoliate dead skin cells.

SallyeAnder Natural Skincare IngredientsGrape Seed Oil

Used in: Nourish

Rich in vitamins and minerals, it is expeller pressed from grape seeds. It is a light oil that is readily absorbed by the skin. It is valued for its restorative properties.

Green Tea

Used in: Green Tea

It hard to put a limit the vast array of qualities of green tea. It is native to China.Originally, so valued, the penalty for smuggling plants out was death. It is a member of the camelia family and prized for its various theraputic effects. It wasn’t until recently the at its antioxidant properties and polyphenols. It is just as good for your insides ans your outside.


Used in: Red Clay & Henna Shampoo

Henna has been used in India for dyeing hair and tatooing. Henna is also a natural conditioner, reduces dandruff, moisturizes the scalp and creates a protective barrier for your hair. Our henna is called neutral henna because it does not color the hair.


Used in: Green Tea, Morning at the Lake

Native to China, northern India and west Asia, Jasmine has been used to treat headaches, insomnia and coughs, flavor rice and tea. These days Jasmine is used for dry, irritated or sensitve skin. Anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, aphrodisiac, and tonic.

Sallyeander Natural Ingredient GlossaryJuniper Berry Oil

Used in: Seagrass

Juniper is native to the northern hemisphere including Scandinavia, Canada, northern Europe and northern Asia. Used extensively in cuisine as well. It is excellent at treating acne, eczema and as a skin toner especially for oily skin. Antiseptic, anti-toxix and astringent.

Lavender Oil

Used in: Lavender Moon

Native to the Mediterranian Lavender is now grown all over the world. Familiar to most people to have a soothing effect, it is also an excellent deodorant with anti-microbial properties. Anti-toxic, antiseptic, sedative and stimulant.


Used in: Lakeshore, Storm, Winter’s Eve

Native to Asia lemongrass was used as traditional medicine for infectious illness and fever. Recent research has shown it holds sedative proverties. Escellent for acne, controlling persperation, insect repellent and skin toner. Antimicrobial, anti-oxidant, antiseptic, astringent, deodorant and fungicidal.


Used in: Seagrass

Native to South Asia, lime is now cultivated mainly in Florida, Cuba, Central America and Italy. We use expeller pressed lime oil for its crisp refreshing scent.Lime is antiseptic, antiviral, restorative, aperitif and tonic.


Used in: Krudd Soap, Krudd Balm, Rescue Me

Myrrh is native to north-east Africa, south-west Asia and the Red Sea region. Myrrh has been used as an ingredient in incense, perfumes and holy waters. It has astringent, healing tonic and stimulant properties. It is used to treat chapped cracked skin, eczema, wounds and wrinkles.


Used in: Nourish

An extremely beneficial and stable oil that has high concentrations of tocopherols ( a family of vitamin E).imparting a luxurious feel to skin.We’ve beenformulating with it since it first came to market. Now nearly every major cosemtic company uses it.

Nettle Powder

Used in: Pine Tar & Nettle Shampoo

A highly nutrative herb that is actually know to soothe skin after it has been dried. It contains vtamins A&C,luteins and lycopene.

North Atlantic Cedar Wood

Used in: Cedar, Evergreen, Lavender Moon, Storm

Native to the Atlas mountains of Morroco, it is now grown worldwide. It is a relative of the Cedar of Lebanon. Highly prized for its fragrant wood and medicinal oil. Excellent for acne, dandruff, eczema, oily skin and psoriasis. Anti-septic, astringent and stimulates the circulatory system.


Used in: Lavender Moon

Oatmeal is ubiquitous ingredient associated with good health. It’s proteins provide soothing for irritated or inflamed skin.

Olive Leaf

Used in: Olive Oil

Used since antiquity as a poltice for injuries and as a healthful tea. The tea helps boost the immune system and provide powerful antioxidants.

Olive Oil

Used in: Essential Soaps, Olive Oil

Another ancient remedy for wound, a source for heating, light and cooking, but it is also associacted with good health. The first vegetable based soap were knmade from olive oil in Castille, Spain- an area noted for its abundant olive oil.

Orange Peel

Used in: Sugar Plum

Orange peel provides a fruit acid based exfoliant- both physically and chemically.

Orchid Oil

Used in: Nourish

Orchid Oil helps to retain moisture in the skin and is excellent at protecting the skin from the harsh invironment.

Organic Blueberry

Used in: Winter’s Eve, Blueberry Orange

Blueberries = antioxidants, micro nutrients, fruit acids for hydrating and exfoliating.

Organic Cows Milk

Used in: Milk & Mint

Soothing proteins for irritated skin, it also keeps the skin hydrated.

Organic Fair-Trade Coffee Beans

Used in: Soapuccino

Coffee contains caffeine which has of late been discovered to be beneficial to stimulating circulating in the skin. Coffee also has as many antioxidants as green tea. The side benefit also is that coffee is a universal order absorber/neutralizer.

Organic Pumpkin

Used in: Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin makes a a perfect rejuvenator for skin. It hydrates, exfoliates and provides antioxidants.

Sallyeander Natural Skincare IngredientsOrganic Rose Petals

Used in: Organic Rose

It takes 2000 pounds of rose petals to make 1 pound of rose oil. It is highly antisceptic and effective for fighting mild depression. It’s even using cooking and in teas. The flower is incredible for its many uses and when it goes to seed and produces seed pod, they can be candied or pickled. ROse hips are a good source of vitamin C.


Used in: Harmony, Sallye Sunshine, Lakeshore

Patchouli is native to Asia, especially Indonesia and the Philippines. Used to treat acne, chapped skin, eczema, oily hair and wrinkles, patchouli is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and anti-bacterial.


Used in: Candy Cane

Peppermint has a long history dating back to the Egyptians in 1000 B.C. Most commontly used for indigestions and nausea, Peppermint is excellent at treating acne and healing wounds. Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral and astringent.

Pine Tar

Used in: Pine Tar & Nettle Shampoo

Pine Tar is the cooked sap of pine tree. Besides its many other uses, it has been used for hundreds of years as a soothing preparation for rashes and eczema and dandruff. It powerfully anit-fungal and analgesic.

SallyeAnder Natural Skincare IngredientsRed Clay Powder

Used in: Red Clay & Henna Shampoo

Imported from the South of France, in the Provence area, Considered all-purpose clay; very absorbent, detoxifying and remineralizing. When applied to the skin, it draws out excess dirt and impurities that can cause blemishes, blackheads or pimples.

Rosa Mosqueta Oil

Used in: Nourish

Rosa Mosqueto is a wild rose from the Andes mountains, known as the mosquito rose due to its size. It’s hips are a valuable source of vitamin C. We use raw expeller pressed oil.

Rose Oil

Used in: Morning at the Lake, Organic Rose

It takes 2000 pounds of rose petals to make 1 pound of rose oil. It is highly antisceptic and effective for fighting mild depression. It’s even using cooking and in teas. The flower is incredible for its many uses and when it goes to seed and produces seed pod, they can be candied or pickled. Rose hips are a good source of vitamin C.

Rosemary Oil

Used in: Rosemary

Native to the Meditteranean, now mainly produced in France, Spain and Tunisia, Rosemary is one of the oldest plants to be used for food and healing. In the Middle Ages Rosemary was used to drive away evil spirits. These days we use it for acne, dandruff, eczema, headaches and perfumes to name a few. Rosemary is antiseptic, astringent, digestive, restorative and antioxidant.


Used in: Lakeshore

Native to the Amazon rosewood (also called bois de rose) has a history of being used for building and carving. It is named for its deep red heartwood. The essential oil is gentle and mild, excellent at healing coughs, fever and caring for sensitive skin. Deodorant, tissue regenerator, antiseptic and antimicrobial.


Used in: Cedar, Evergreen

Native to the Mediterranean, sage was called “sacred herb” by the romans. Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-oxidant and astringent.

Shea Butter

Used in: Sugar Plum, Hand Therapy, Foot Therapy, Rescue Me

Shea Butter is a fat extracted from the African Shea Tree. It has a nutty aroma and it used for its moisurizing properties.


Used in: Candy Cane, Milk & Mint, Sallye Sunshine

Spearmint is native to the Mediterranean. Used highly as a culinary herb it is excellent at easing headaches, treating acne and relieving nausea. Antiseptic, astringent and stimulant. Much research has been done on its positive effect on cognitive function.


Used in: Frankincense

Spikenard is native to India, China and Japan. It has been reference in the bible and was used by the early Egyptians. Today spikenard is used to cure allergies, inflammations and rejuvenates mature skin. Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, deodorant and tonic.

Tea Tree

Used in: Tea Tree & Spruce Shampoo

Native to Australia the oil of tea tree is remarkable because it is active against bacteria, fungi and viruses. It is also an immuno stimulant which means it increases the body’s ability to naturally defend itself. Tea tree makes an excelllent deodorant, and disinfectant and is ued in treating dandruff, insect bites, oily skin, fever and colds. Anit-infectuous, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, immuno-stimulant and antibacterial.

Vanilla Bean

Used in: Lakeshore

Vanilla bean is the only edible member of the orchid family. Many used as a flavoring but also as a soothing fragrance. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium as well as trace amounts of vitamin B complex.


Used in: Cedar, Evergreen

Native to India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, veteiver is known as the “oil of tranquility”. It is extracted from the roots of vetiver grass. Vetiver is used for acne, wounds and oily skin with antiseptic properties.

Witch Hazel Leaf

Used in: Evergreen & Spruce Shave

Witch Hazel is a member of the hazelnut family. The term “witch” is a corruption of the the old English word for weak. It was first used by Native American as a medicinal and recorded as far back as 1670. It has been used as an astringent; as an anti-imflamitory; and for its antioxidant properties.

Ylang Ylang

Used in: Red Clay & Henna Shampoo

Ylang Ylang is native to tropical Asia, especially Indonesia and the Philippines. In the Victorian Age the oil was used as a hair treatment. It is especially soothing to irritated and oily skin. Aphrodisiac, antiseptic, euphoric circulatory stimulant.