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New Soap Contest: Which one is your favorite?


As you may have noticed, we are pretty excited about our newest soaps, Calendula Dandelion and Blueberry Orange. What we really want to know though, is this: which one is your favorite? Are you Team Calendula or Team Blueberry? To celebrate our latest creations, we are hosting a little contest on our blog. Just let us know in the comments which of the soaps you’d like to try and we’ll pick one of you to win a set of both. The contest ends on July 25, 2016, so act fast. We’ll pick a winner at random from the comments below. Have fun!

83 thoughts on “New Soap Contest: Which one is your favorite?

  1. Calendula Dandelion, hands down! The color is beautiful and I appreciate the healing properties.

  2. Calendula dandelion

  3. Almost need to toss a coin to pick one! I would try the Blueberry Orange first – but would look forward to the Calendula Dandelion soon after! What wonderful summer soaps!

  4. Blueberry & orange sounds like a winning combo to me!!!!

  5. I love your soaps and have tried several and liked everyone of them. Have not tried these two soaps yet. I think I would be a fan of the calendula dandelion because I have dry skin. Thanks for great soaps.

  6. I love all of your soaps, particularly the ones with blueberry in them,. I also love orange, so this combination has my vote.

  7. They both sound lovely but I would really like to try the Calendula Dandelion.

  8. Team Calendula I guess, but either one would be awesome. I was always a huge fan of your patchouli soap, but I can’t find any place within 35 miles of me that sells it anymore.

  9. I’d have to go with team blueberry, only because I can imagine what the result of the combined smell may be.
    Calendula dandelion sure does sound intriguing….

  10. Hello i love the calendula dandelion so great for my psoriasis.

  11. My favorite is Blueberry Orange!

  12. Since I love to both pick and eat and I love citrus soaps I definitely must join team blueberry

  13. I would choose Blueberry Orange.

  14. I like the Sallye Ander Calendula Dandelion Soap

  15. Calendula dandelion!

  16. Love all of your products

  17. This is a tough decision as both sound interesting but I am going to vote for Blueberry Orange.

  18. Either one looks delicious enough to eat so I can only imagine how it smells and feels!

  19. looks delicious enough to eat, can only imagine how it smells and feels!

  20. I would pick the calendula dandelion.

  21. Team Calendula!

  22. Calendula Dandelion

  23. They both look lovely! I’m going to have a hard time deciding!

  24. Bleberry orange

  25. Calendula Dandelion

  26. Calendula Dandelion What a refreshing day

  27. Calendula dandelion. But all Sallyeander soaps smell divine!

  28. Blueberry orange!

  29. Probably the blueberry but that dandelion one looks like a winner too! Thanks for all your work!!

  30. Hands down, Blueberry Orange for my sensitive skin. While the other sounds delightful I would worry about the essential rose oils due to allergies.

  31. Calendula dandelion! Sounds great! Love all the soaps that we’ve tried so far.

  32. I would say Blueberry Orange would be my favorite since I like the citrus scents!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your soaps, haven’t used anything else in the last 2 years since I first received a bar as a gift from my mother in law.
    The soap also makes great gifts!!!

  33. I think I would love the citrusy scent of the orange especially during the summer, and so my vote is for Blueberry Orange. I bet it is very soothing and the smell is amazing! ? ?

  34. Blueberry orange!! Yumm??

  35. I would love the calendula dandelion. Sounds like a great pairing.

  36. Blueberry Orange sounds amazing!!

  37. Team blueberry orange but would gush about either!

  38. Gotta go with the Blueberry Orange. My grandfather had an orange grove, so the smell would bring my back to my youth. My skin always feels Amazing every time I wash with any of your soaps. Team Blueberry Orange

  39. Blueberry orange would be my pick ?

  40. Calendula Dandelion ❤️?

  41. Blueberry/Orange! Pinch me…I think I’m dreaming!

  42. Blueberry Orange sounds amazing!

  43. I would want both! Blueberry orange would be first.

  44. Blueberry and Orange as got to be the best! A combination of 2 exquisite fragrances that tickle the nose and the soap has got to be creamy dreamy.

  45. Blueberry orange, ah, yes, I am from the state of Maine!

  46. Blueberry orange!

  47. Blueberry and Orange sounds so refreshing!

  48. Hmmmm both sound great have always loved your soaps so I guess I would say calendula Dandelion

  49. A big calendula fan, so I’m definitely team Calendula Dandelion!

  50. Both sound awesome! Would love to try both. Thinking the smell of blueberries would be yummy!

  51. I would love to try calendula dandelion because it’s nice to know that dandelions can be used for something great instead of just being a weed in my yard!! 🙂 Then I can look forward to blueberry & orange, 2 things that I love so I know I would love them in a soap together!

    1. You are our winner! Check your email for further instructions. Thanks!

  52. Blueberry Orange! It’s summer, so fruity is the way to go!

  53. I have been a fan of your soaps since purchasing my first bar of Milk and Mint at a craft fair in 1994. I would LOVE to try these! Not sure which order I would try them in. I’m sure I would love both.

  54. It is a tough choice but I would have to say calendula dandelion but I am sure my boys would say blueberry orange.

  55. Blueberry orange – younger rejuvenated skin, Yes!!

  56. Definitely blueberry orange!!!! I am a HUUUUGE FAN of Harmony!

  57. Tough choice. I think they both sound amazing. If I had to choose between one…..I guess the blueberry.

  58. Blueberry Orange for the rejuvenating properties! Sounds like a mini vacation in the shower!!

  59. Team Blueberry because I know what that one would smell like. Love to have a set of them to try and see if I like the other one better!

  60. Calendula Dandylion, definitely… I love Calendula for the skin and while I never thought of topical use for Dandylions, I love eating Dandylion greens (not that I plan on eating the soap 🙂 ). I am very interested to see what it is like.

  61. Calendula Dandelion!

  62. Blueberry orange! Look at the colour!

  63. Definitely Blueberry Orange — two of my favorite fruits!

  64. Blueberry & Orange for sure! BUT I wouldn’t stick my nose up to Calendula Dandelion either! I love your soaps!!!! I buy them either at Ontario Orchards in Oswego OR The Regional Market in Syracuse. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! 🙂

  65. Blueberry Orange!

  66. I’m all about that calendula, it just smells so wonderful and makes my skin feel so great! I absolutely cannot wait to try this pretty soap!

  67. Blueberry orange for sure!!

  68. Blueberry Orange sounds so deliciously summer-y!
    (but I love all SallyeAnder soaps!)

  69. Calendula Dandelion all the way! Thank you for having this contest!

  70. I like blueberry orange…

  71. Calendula Dandelion. .. hands down!

  72. Team calendula!!!!

  73. Team Blueberry… i bet it smells wonderful

  74. Blueberry Orange sounds yummy!

  75. I got to smell the blueberry one yesterday at the local farm market and it’s delish! However, I have a feeling I’m team Calendula (or should I say Dandelion) because I’m sure it will remind me of picking “flowers” as a kid!

  76. Definitely the Calendula, very pretty soap!

  77. Blueberry orange would be my choice. Bet it smells fabulous!!

  78. I’ve used nothing but your soaps since stumbling upon them at a little apple farm in Wisconsin! My 3 year old loves smelling all of the different soaps I have in my stash 🙂 I would love to try Calendula Dandelion to show her something great can be made from what someone else might think of as “yucky” (weeds)! Then again, blueberries are her favorite fruit and she refuses to eat oranges, so there might be another lesson there!

  79. calendula dandelion!!!!

  80. Would love to smell the calendula one!

  81. Calendula dandelion sounds intriguing!

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