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No Bite Me Cream & Why we don’t like DEET


There are a lot of benefits to man-made products and modern tools. Many of the tools we use today to make our soap are more efficient and easier than the iterations from years past.

But using modern tools is where we draw the line. We believe that everything you put on your skin and in your body should be natural and pure. Remaking or trying to improve upon the success of nature is something we just don’t do.

That’s why we use 16 essential oils in our No Bite Me Cream and not DEET.

DEET, or diethyltoluamide is neither natural, nor pure. It is a yellow oil, derived from m-toluic acid, acyl chloride, and diethylamine, developed by the U.S. Army after World War II as a way to block insects from biting soldiers. In its early years, DEET was also used as a pesticide for farms. Ideally, DEET creates a temporary cloak of invisibility for bugs so they can’t smell you and therefore, bite you. Nowadays, you can buy insect spray with 10-30% concentration of DEET.

When you apply a bug spray with DEET, your skin absorbs small amounts of the ingredient, leaving traces of DEET in your bloodstream for up to 12 hours after it’s applied.

Although it ‘protects you’ from bug bites, it is a manufactured chemical that can and does soak into your bloodstream. We understand that lotion, spray, soap and cream will break down and slowly make their way into our bodies no matter the ingredient. We can’t stop that process, but we can change what chemicals are left inside our bodies.

When the ingredients in the No Bite Me Cream slowly filter their way into your bloodstream, we rest at ease knowing that the 18 ingredients are not only edible, but good for your health. Especially considering that the CDC just noted that eucalyptus oil as effective as DEET, isn’t it time to consider a natural alternative?

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