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Our Employee’s Favorite Products

Would you like to know the team behind your favorite all-natural handmade skincare? What better way to get to know the SallyeAnder family than to discover their favorite products?

Sallie Austin

President of SallyeAnder

Bio: Sallie is the daughter of Founder’s Karen and Gary Austin. She lives with her husband Jan, two kids Lincoln & Herschel (with a third one on the way!)
Favorite Product: Krudd Reserve
Why she likes it: “The woodsy scent brings me back to being upstate in the Adirondacks at my Grandpa’s camp. Nothing is stronger than family and the memories tied to those scents in your youth.”

Gary Austin

Founder of SallyeAnder, Product Creator

Bio: In Gary’s own words he is “just an ordinary schmoe”. If you haven’t’ heard the SallyeAnder story before here it is again. In 1982 when his son Aaron was allergic to the soap they were using from the store, Gary went to the library, picked up a book about how to make soap and 35 years later SallyeAnder is a trusted name is quality skincare that actually works.
Fun fact: Gary has a background as a pastry chef, about once a week he bakes a loaf of homemade bread for everyone at the office!
Favorite Product: Krudd Absinthe
Why he likes it: “It’s a warm tantalizing scent. Herbal and density fragrant. Feels like Paris. KRUDD was intended to make you feel like you are traveling to the country that these scents were inspired by.”

Karen Austin

Founder of SallyeAnder, Sales

Bio: Karen is the original master of sales here at SallyeAnder. When the company first started and Gary was making soap out of the garage, Karen was busy at local farmer’s markets and hosting “soap parties” in their home to grow their company. Karen is still on the road today making sure our customers know how SallyeAnder products can help their skin.
Favorite Product: Sallye Sunshine Essential Soap
Why she likes it: “Sallye Sunshine is the happiest bar around with it’s bright yellow color. It is an excellent bar for after the sun with Eucalyptus and bright notes of citrus to uplift your summer skin.”

Elizabeth Teachout

Logistics Manager

Bio: Liz grew up in Texas, she is a jewelry maker and has recently become a vegan. Liz helped SallyeAnder organize and participate in most of the Farmer’s Markets and Festivals that we are now a part of in the Hudson Valley.
Fun Fact: Liz recently left us to pursue a career as a vegan cook. We wish her all the best in her new adventures!
Favorite Product: Heavy Duty Hand Therapy
Why she likes it: “When you are working with your hands all day it helps to have a great moisturizing cream to protect those hard working hands. We recommend our Heavy Duty Hand Therapy Cream to all those hard workers out there, from Chefs, to Gardener’s to Dishwashers and everything in between.”

Birgit Larson

Operations/Art Direction

Bio: Originally from North Dakota, Birgit has been with Sallyeander since 2015. She started answering phones and has done a little bit of everything since then.
Favorite Product: Lakeshore Essential Soap
Why she likes it: “This scent was made for me, from the color to the smell, I love the clean, deep relaxing scent.”

Dennis O’Brien Jr

Production: Responsible for Creams, Balms & Hogwash

Bio: Dennis is a Hudson Valley Native, he has been with SallyeAnder since 2016.
Fun Fact: Dennis is a photographer in his spare time when he is not frantically pumping out No Bite Me Cream. He currently has a photography show up at our Flagship Retail location in Beacon!
Favorite Product: Krudd Balm
Why he likes it: “Krudd is an excellent balm for everyday use on your face. Dennis rides his bike to work so the Krudd Balm helps protect and nourish his skin from the elements.”

Mark Pisanelli

Production: Responsible for all Soap Production

Bio: Mark is a Beacon, NY native. He has been with SallyeAnder since 2015 and was one of the first employees in our new Hudson Valley location. He has a beautiful wife, a 2 year old boy and another on the way!
Fun Fact: Mark started out making creams and balms and has now perfected the art of swirling soaps.
Favorite Product: Nourish
Why he likes it: “With all those late nights taking care of a newborn, who wouldn’t like an all-in-one treatment for dark circles, puffiness and fine lines to keep him looking sharp.”

Sam Austin

Production: Soap Maker & Sales

Bio: Sam is the youngest son of SallyeAnder Founders Karen & Gary Austin. He grew up around the business and went to his first wholesale trade show when he was just 6 month old. He lives in Beacon, NY with his lovely wife Freddy.
Fun Fact: Sam has a background in acting and has since moved on to pursue his passion. We wish him all the best!
Favorite Product: Kaleidosoap
Why he likes it: “All those pretty colors, all those lovely smells? Who wouldn’t love Kaleidosoap?”

Sarah Alassal

Production: Product Labeler & Packaging

Bio: Sarah is a Beacon, NY native, she loves to hike and take photos. Her job requires a lot of patience and tireless dedication as she is responsible for labeling and sealing all of our creams and balms!
Fun Fact: Sarah is a huge animal lover and a vegan.
Favorite Product: Rescue Me
Why she likes it: “Rescue Me is the perfect product to heal and protect.”



Now that you know our favorite SallyeAnder products, we’d like to know yours! Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I am a huge fan of these soaps – since the eights I guess. I’m from Oswego, NY and have lived in the San Francisco bay area since late 90’s. I used to visit their Minetto, NY shop when I visited my family and was so sad when they closed up shop there, but happy they are still doing what they are doing. Still my favorite soaps – I always have a large stash contained in a plastic bag to keep those essential oils from dissipating. I do miss the Arabian Nights line 🙂 I have made ceramic soap dishes for me and my family specifically for these gorgeous soaps. I have one on the left of my sink for my facial soap, and one on the right of the sink for hand soap. Also have one in the kitchen of course.

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