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Our Favorite Annual Flowers


Every spring and fall, we take time to get outside and prepare our garden for the upcoming season(s). From the very beginning of our time as Sallyeander Soaps, we’ve been dedicated to sourcing as many ingredients as we could from our own backyard.

Not much has changed since we started. So, it’s time for us to get to planting again.

Let’s start first with an introduction to the two different types of flowers and plants people typically use in their gardens as they plant in the fall preparing for the spring and summer blooms: annuals and perennials.


Annuals are plants that live their entire life cycle from seed to flower to seed within a single growing season, according to this Texas A&M article. The stems, leaves, flowers, and roots will die off every year but the dormant seed will bloom in the second generation. Common household examples of annuals include marigolds, calendulas, and nasturtiums.

Perennials are plants that persist for many growing seasons. Generally, the top portion of the plant dies every winter and then re-grows the following spring with the same root system. Common household examples of perennials include sage, thyme, oregano, echinacea, and spearmint.


Here at Sallyeander we use petals and some oils from flowers for our soaps. Our calendulas, an annual, are used in our Sallye Sunshine bars. Our Milk & Mint soap utilizes the perennial spearmint from our founder Gary’s home garden.

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