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How to Pick the Perfect Soap For You

New! To make shopping easier, we’ve added a Shop by skin type tab to our navigation. 

Whether your skin is oily or dry, sensitive or irritated. If you’re  combating acne or don’t  want to give in to wrinkles, SallyeAnder has many all-natural solutions that will help solve your skin issues simply by making our soaps, washcloth and balm a part of your daily skincare regimen. 

Is your skin sensitive and dry? Put harmony swirl, an amazing real patchouli soap to work for you. Patchouli calms your skin while Frankincense draws out the impurities.

Your skin too oily?  Tone and strengthen with our Flax and French clay complexion soap. It’s a great, solution without using any harsh chemicals for adult and teenage acne.   Flax and French Clay is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Cleansing with it will absorb impurities, remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation.  It will leave you smooth and dewy!

Want to keep wrinkles to a minimum?  Make our green tea soap your daily beauty bar.  It’s one of our original seven soaps and has been in the collection for over 30 years!   The freshly ground Hysson Green tea along with grapefruit and jasmine, enriches your skin with wrinkle fighting antioxidants.  The added brown rice flour provides our Green Tea Soap with a lightly exfoliating feature to complete the luxurious experience. 

SallyeAnder has an all natural skin care solution that’s right for you!

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