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Give your baby a gentle wash with SallyeAnder’s Pure Mild Baby Soap. It’s 100% hypoallergenic and a blend of cocoa butter, aloe and oils for delicate skin.

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Lovingly made for tender skin: simply the best bar for your baby

Babies love bath time, especially when their soap is SallyeAnder’s Pure Mild Baby Soap. It’s 100% hypoallergenic, using no coconut or palm oil. We know a lot about safely bathing babies, in fact, that’s what caused Gary and Karen Austin to found the company. Their son, Aaron, had eczema at an early age. His condition was only made worse by using soap from the grocery store. The Austins discovered that even soaps that say they are designed for babies may still use the same harsh ingredients used for all their soaps. Having made a soap that healed their son’s eczema and using all their decades of soap knowledge and experience, they designed the perfect bar for your baby’s tender skin. Starting with olive oil they made a pure Castile soap, adding cocoa butter, aloe, and delicate essential oils – tangerine, rose, balsam and lavender. All this packed into a sweet baby-sized bar. Like all SallyeAnder products, every ingredient is edible. We don’t expect your baby to eat it, but no harm would come if they did, except maybe a lip pucker! We are proud to offer a baby soap that is an honest expression of our soap making philosophy: pure, simple and mild. For sensitive, tender skin.

olive oil, cocoa butter, aloe; tangerine, rose, balsam, lavender, and spearmint essential oils

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Weight .12 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × .5 in

5 reviews for SallyeAnder’s Pure Mild Baby Soap

  1. Stephanie Sloniger (verified owner)

    This is pure gold to me! Works so well on my son’s eczema…..has fully cleared up!! Has a mild yummy smell. Love the size of this bar as opposed to bigger bars. Totally going to stock pile! I have started using this for myself too because I love it so much

  2. Janet Becker (verified owner)

    I bought this for my nephew to use on his six-month-old with eczema. He has also used it on her scalp. No more scaly, flaky skin, and it smells great!


  3. briad12

    Sweet and natural scent, gentle on baby’s sensitive skin , moisturizing. This is my go to for my kiddos!

  4. Amanda Carlo

    I received this soap as a gift for my new little one. After trying Mustela’s fancy soap and shampoo, I found that it left my baby’s skin dry and flaky. That’s when I decided to try the pure mild baby soap and it’s worked wonders for my baby’s skin leaving it soft and moisturized. I also use this soap for shampoo and there’s no more dry flaky skin!

  5. Jennifer

    A great product. Sweet smelling, gentle and perfectly sized.

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