Gardener’s Hand Soap

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Made from soap scraps and cornmeal, this bar can cut through any stain.

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Made from soap scraps and cornmeal, this bar can cut through any stain. Rich in glycerin, it won’t dry out your hands, body, or clothing. Known to remove stains from grass, food, bubble gum, blood, grease, grape juice, mildew, printer ink, and many more annoyances! Net wt 6 oz.

Combination Of Our Scraps And Cornmeal

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Removes Stains From Hands And Clothing

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Weight .375 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2.5 in

5 reviews for Gardener’s Hand Soap

  1. Celeste Fralick (verified owner)

    Stumbled upon SallyeAnder web site and I am so glad I did! Took a risk and ordered a bunch, including this one to replace one we had bought in Finland. Both my husband and I enjoy this soap (as well as ALL the others!) – gets through the grime, smells good and feels good. We keep this one in our “mud room” where we decontaminate and clean anything that comes into the house (COVID & immunocompromised) so we both use this soap a LOT. We are BOTH very happy about this soap (and husband is very picky). I have very sensitive skin as well as many allergies, yet these soaps seem as gentle as they are tough. Kudos to SallyeAnder! We’ll definitely be buying more!

  2. 1shamrock2007 (verified owner)

    Gardener’s hand soap is by far one of the best exfoliator bars excellent for those hard-working dry rough hands, can also be used on dry rough feet elbows and knees !
    A must-have!

  3. melissaanncobb1 (verified owner)

    This is the soap that got me hooked! Love the Hogwash line from it’s aesthetics, smell, lather, and how well it cleans and moisturizes after using, especially after I’ve been out tending to my many flower gardens. Even my husband enjoys using this soap. That says a lot about this products quality for him to notice and comment on a bar of soap! Love it so much I even switched out from using my other top rated popular plant based liquid soap products. Thank you for making quality products from your soaps to your salves.

  4. Rosey Alvero (verified owner)

    I purchased this at the gift shop in Sarasota Botanical Gardens on a whim because the smell is so divine, but was weary because I have an allergy to coconut and most soap (or products for that matter!) have some sort of coconut derivative, but I happily learned that their products do not have any coconut! So this is a super win for me. It smells great and has a texture that also exfoliates which I love. Bonus points for it also being pretty. My household is very sustainable conscious so we avoid plastic where we can and there’s no better way to ditch plastic than buying beautiful looking and heavenly smelling soap!

  5. Cindy Kraft

    Last year I went to the Fly Creek Cider Mill in Fly Creek, near Cooperstown, New York. I purchased a few bars of your soap. I love just smelling it. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I picked up your “the gardeners hand” soap and put it in the bathroom soap dish. Well not only do I enjoy the smell, but I love how it cleans and how it lasts. My boyfriend has been cutting wood, planting a garden, and working on a lawnmower motor. He used it one night and said “man that soap is fantastic. Not only did it REALLY clean my hands, it smells good, and my hands feel great – smooth” I am very happy I purchased your soap, unlike any I have had before. Thank you for an awesome bar of soap!!!!! And it lasts and lasts. Cindy Craft.

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