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Reflective, tranquil and calm, SallyeAnder’s Lakeshore Soap is a blend of oils to keep skin supple and smooth. Exfoliates dead cells, and nourishes new skin.


Bathe in Lakeshore luxury. As soothing and restorative as an afternoon swim.

For years our family spent summers in a lakeside cabin in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. It’s a setting we all love and our Lakeshore Soap inspires the same feeling: reflective, tranquil, and calm. It’s a Castile soap, which begins with an olive oil blend. Castile soaps are renowned for their long-lasting property that, when made the SallyeAnder way, hold their fragrance from the first shower to last. The unique blend of essential oils – lemongrass, frankincense, rosewood, vanilla bean, and patchouli – helps your body manufacture collagen, keeping your skin supple and smooth. And the fragrance is unique and evocative. Lakeshore Soap is rich in vitamins C and E and loaded with antioxidants for younger-looking skin! It gently exfoliates dead, dry skin and moisturizes the new skin beneath. Truly luscious and invigorating, it brightens your shower and bath as well as your skin. For dry or irritated skin

olive oil blend; lemongrass, frankincense, rosewood, vanilla bean, and patchouli essential oils

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Weight .31 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2.5 in

4 reviews for Lakeshore Soap

  1. Noelle Cabral (verified owner)

    I have this soap in my kids’ bathroom and it makes the whole room smell fresh! It keeps our skin soft and clean, despite all the handwashing we do.

  2. lblair343

    We discovered Sallye Ander at the Genesee County Museum’s country fair probably more than 10 years ago. It didn’t take long for us to decide these were the best soaps we had ever used. They feel wonderful on the skin, and a bar lasts a long time. The fragrances are lovely too. Lakeshore has always been one of our favorites. We’ve been ordering these soaps online for at least 5 years now.

  3. Jennifer (verified owner)

    A few years ago, I found several delicious smelling natural soaps at a small farm market in Michigan while visiting the family lake house. I immediately fell in love and was really bummed that I didn’t buy more. When I discovered that SallyeAnder had an online store and wasn’t just a small local brand, I immediately bought 8-10 more bars. I haven’t used any other kind of soap in I think 4 years, and it is my personal obsession. Lakeshore is my favorite, but I’ve tried almost all of them and I would give them all 5 stars. Hell, I’d give them 10 if that was an option.

  4. Pat L. Cera Jr.

    Lakeshore. I’ve been using it now for over 2 years. Cannot imagine being without it.
    I have always had dry skin until I starting using Lakeshore. I can no longer buy any other brand
    but this. Excellent product. Perfect amount of fragrance.

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