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Rich in vitamins C and E, SallyeAnder’s Organic Rose Soap stimulates collagen, moisturizes and revitalizes dull, dry skin. Great for sensitive skin.


Elegant and romantic, fragrant and revitalizing, helps promote a rosy complexion

As we gaze on a beautiful rose, we are entranced by its color, scent, and beauty. Yet behind that rose are centuries of knowledge that roses have astringent and antibacterial properties. High in vitamins C and E, they stimulate collagen and moisturize. For our SallyeAnder Organic Rose Soap we use organic roses we grow ourselves here in the beautiful Hudson Valley and Hudson Valley milk. We get to enjoy our roses twice; in our gardens and then again in our soap. Essential rose oil and rose petals hydrate, soothe and revitalize dull, dry skin. Rose essential oil has aromatherapy qualities and its fragrance calms and soothes. Our Organic Rose Soap has excellent emollient qualities, moisturizing dry skin, and anti-inflammatory properties to help control redness and inflammation. Like all SallyeAnder Essential Soaps. Organic Rose adds a delicious fragrance to your skin, and your bathroom, fragrance that lasts as long as the bar – as much as two months with everyday use. Give someone you love the gift of SallyeAnder Organic Rose Soap, they will love you even more for it. For sensitive skin.

olive oil blend, organic rose petals, Hudson Valley Milk; rose and evergreen essential oils

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Weight .37 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2.5 in

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3 reviews for Organic Rose Soap

  1. Jennifer Ament (verified owner)

    This soap has a delicate rose smell, which I like. Some rose scents are too strong or don’t even smell like them. This bar lasts a long time, and is gentle on skin while thoroughly cleaning it.

  2. Desiree

    DEVASTATED. I have used this soap for years. I got it as a gift initially, and was lucky enough to usually be able to procure it in my neighborhood in Brooklyn ever since. This soap totally
    Converted me from shower gels to bar soap. But recently they have changed the ingredients to include milk. It was a perfect formulation, why on earth exclude customers from such a classic item?! I am baffled and extremely disappointed. I’ve since found another rose soap but I will sure miss the simplicity of this one. I hope one day I find they changed it back to the few, simple, original ingredients that made this soap such a lovely part of my day and life.

  3. zzday

    Rose petals top this organic milky rose soap bar, with a rich lather.

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