SallyeAnder’s Supply Pack


Be ready for what life throws your way with SallyeAnder’s Supply Pack. Perfect for families and outdoor adventurers! This set of products will protect you from bugs, clean your clothes, soothe your skin after a run-in with Poison Ivy and help heal bumps, cuts, and boo-boos. And most importantly, it’s completely natural and effective.

What’s included: 8oz “No-Bite-Me” Cream, “No-Bite-Me” Soap Bar, Poison Ivy Soap Bar, ‘Hogwash!’ Soap Bar and Rescue Me Balm

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If you value a natural, chemical-free lifestyle, then this supply pack was made for you—effective skincare solutions for healthy skin, home, and family.

Learn more about each product:

No-Bite-Me” Bug Repellent Cream and Soap
Keep the bugs at bay natural. It’s DEET free, safe for kids, infants, and pets too! Effective again, black flies, ticks, mosquitos, and fleas. The cream also works as an after-bite itch relief when you forgot to apply before heading outside. Our best-selling product – it really works!

Poison Ivy Soap
Relieves itchy rashes from poison ivy, sumac, and oak.

Great for gardeners, mechanics, chefs, artists, and kids. An effective, chemical-free solution for washing dirt off your hands and removing stains from your clothes. A customer favorite! Won’t dry out your hands with frequent use.

Rescue Me
An intensive care balm that soothes, helps heals, and protects—packed with 21 herbs and essentials oils. Here are a few skin concerns where Rescue Me can help: acne, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, sunburns, stretch marks, bruises, arthritis, cold sores, scars, and more.

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