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Replacing Laundry Detergent with ‘Hogwash!’

To be honest, we take our incredible soap bar ‘Hogwash!’ a little for granted! Sorry ‘Hogwash!’

But thanks to our loyal customers, through emails and new reviews, we are reminded again and again that we’ve created something really special with this soap bar. 

“I HAD a “mystery stain” on 1 of my t-shirts. Kinda looked like chocolate/oil/grease stain. Per directions, wet the stains, wet the bar-voila! In 15 seconds the stain was gone! Going to rave about Hogwash to anyone who will listen! Customer for life!” – Melody

For those of you new to ‘Hogwash!’, it’s a chemical-free bar soap made for scrubbing dirty hands (without drying them out) and removing stains from clothes. It uses cornmeal, herbs, vegetable oils, and a mixture of pieces from our Essential Soap Bar line. It’s loved by mechanics, artists, gardeners, parents, teachers…the list goes on!

While most people use ‘Hogwash!’ for washing their hands or as a spot treatment for stains on their clothing, we don’t talk enough about its ability to completely replace your laundry detergent.


For a small load of laundry, we recommend shaving a fluffy 1/2 cup of ‘Hogwash!’ and for a regular load, 1 fluffy full cup. Add to bowl with warm water and whisk until the water becomes sudsy and ‘Hogwash!’ shavings are mixed well. Do not expect the soap shavings to disintegrate in the whisking process. Soap chunks should be expected when dumping your ‘Hogwash!’ laundry solution directly into your washer.


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