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Why we use olive oil and why we reject coconut and palm oils.

Choosing skincare products can be a challenge, especially if you have skin allergies and sensitivities. You know to look for products that say they are hypoallergenic. However, many commercial soaps, creams, and balms are so loaded with ingredients that not only sound like they are full of chemicals; they are full of chemicals! It can […]

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We started packaging our products to please our customers. Before that, they were naked.

It’s true. For the first five years of our selling SallyeAnder soaps, our soaps faced the world stark naked! Because, from the very beginning, our approach was to have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. Our founders, Gary and Karen Austin, had sustainability in the very fibers of their being. They chose […]

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7 Extraordinary Days in Panama

  Thanks to our friends, Kristen and Ivan Morales, I visited The Reserva Ecologica Panamaes in western Panama. It was an amazing adventure to explore the natural flora of Panama where everything seems to grow. Plants I have only studied in books were there in profusion; Ylang ylang (found in our Rose Clay Mask and […]

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FEATURE: Lavender Moon Soap in Woman’s World

Loved seeing our Lavender Moon Essential Soap Bar is the Woman’s World line-up of 17 Soothing Lavender Beauty Products to Spoil Your Skin! We couldn’t agree more…our Lavender Moon Essential Soap Bar uses all-natural essential oils and adds oatmeal for it’s soothing and exfoliating properties. Check out the article here. Or visit our website here […]

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‘Hogwash!’ Featured on POPSUGAR : LIVING

We love when people find our products and become equally obsessed with them as we are. Jessica Ourisman writes about her experience with SallyeAnder ‘Hogwash!’  our  chemical-free stain-removing soap bar on POPSUGAR : LIVING. If you’re like her ” you’ll want to buy two or more bars: one for the sink, one for the laundry […]

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SallyeAnder Deo Stone Featured on the Zoe Report

For those looking for a natural deodorant solution, look no further! SallyeAnder’s salt Deodorant Stone doesn’t block pores, but kills odor causing bacteria. So you’ll still sweat but keep your body temperature regulated and healthy, without worrying about the odor that comes with sweat.   Thanks to the Zoe Report for featuring us on their […]