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Sallyeander News: Two New Soaps!


We’re excited to announce the arrival of two new soaps to the Sallyeander lineup. Both continue our commitment to bring you the best soaps on the planet as well as support our local farmers.

Our first new soup, Calendula Dandelion, is perfect for dry, irritated skin. Combining the rejuvenating power of calendula and dandelion, both from local farmers in the Hudson Valley, with olive oil and rose essential oils, this glowing bar will soothe and heal.


Our second bar is a marvelous blend of blueberries and citrus. The Blueberry Orange soap uses organic blueberries from local Hudson Valley farms to give your skin a boost of antioxidants.

Blended with orange and tangerine essential oils, this is sure to be a refreshing addition to the Sallyeander lineup.

1 thought on “Sallyeander News: Two New Soaps!

  1. We first purchased the Gardener’s soap and absolutely love it! My husband took it from the sink in the kitchen to use it in the shower so of course I had to but more. Since I have purchased the lavender soap as well as the mint soap. They also sent a free bar of the gaits milk soap and it is awesome too.
    These soaps are moisturizing and smell so good. I feel like I am using good clean and natural products.
    I would highly recommend Sallyeander products and look forward to trying the blueberry citrus soap.
    P.S. I also purchased the eye stick and so far so good….it is tingly on my skin.

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