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Patchouli Isn’t Just for Hippies

  Harmony Soap Contrary to popular belief, hippies didn’t discover Patchouli. And Patchouli isn’t just used for those imbibing in incense burning and late night jam sessions. For centuries this minty herb was used in India to revive mental and physical strength and improve skin health. Its aroma also was dual purposed by keeping insects […]

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Sensitive Skin? Acne?

Every day we receive emails from concerned customers that are curious to see if our soap will be safe enough for them to use. People with sensitive skin have every right to worry. Most products that are labeled ‘ safe for sensitive skin’ still contain dozens of chemicals and ingredients that are harsh. Even some […]

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POP IN @ Nordstrom + SallyeAnder

Say whaaat? That’s right! SallyeAnder has been included in POP IN@Nordstrom shop this spring season! Each month, POP IN @Nordstrom presents new and often exclusive products, designers and ideas built on a different theme. This month they chose us for their EATS  POP IN! Eats POP IN is the culinary edition of Pop-In Shop @ Nordstrom. The POP IN […]

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Sallyander In the News: NOURISH Under eye treatment

Thank you Coco Baudelle, and Into The Gloss for using our Nourish Under eye treatment in your morning routine! Check out the AWESOME video!   Our Nourish is a little known powerhouse for getting rid of dark circles.  Dark circles are an extremely frustrating problem with little known natural solutions. We created this balm because […]