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Sensitive Skin? Acne?


Every day we receive emails from concerned customers that are curious to see if our soap will be safe enough for them to use.

People with sensitive skin have every right to worry. Most products that are labeled ‘ safe for sensitive skin’ still contain dozens of chemicals and ingredients that are harsh. Even some natural products have ingredients that can be highly irritating to sensitive skin. Coconut oil is commonly used and has been thought to be safe for sensitive skin, but in fact it can be very irritating to people with eczema and sensitive skin. Coconut oil products can also inflame acne breakouts and clog pores.

People with eczema or psoriasis have never been able to use products with any scent to them. Most companies use artificial fragrances to scent their products, even if the fragrance is naturally derived, it still is synthetically made.

So needless to say, we understand when a worried customer approaches us. Typically, they’ve tried everything, and nothing works. We here at SallyeAnder get to be the rescue team. We can show you a specific product that will work for you, and that will help heal your skin.

sallyeander olive oil soap

Our soaps are made with pure essential oils that come directly from the plant, which people even with the most sensitive skin can use. Back in 1982 my father wanted to make a product that everyone could use, and 30 years later he is still proving this to be true. Olive Oil is the soap we usually start our concerned customers off with, this soap is unscented and pure. Our Flax and French Clay soap is amazing for acne, especially adult acne.

One of my favorite quotes is from a mother of 3 young boys with severe dry skin.
‘We’ve tried everything, and this is the only company that we can use and trust’- Mary, Austin, TX.

This has been our promise since 1982:

Always use olive oil or soy as our base
Always use pure, edible ingredients
Always formulate with the finest essential oils
Never cut corners with our recipes or ingredients
Never use coconut or palm oils
Never test on animals
Never use parabens, alcohols, sodium laurel sulfates
Never use artificial dyes, synthetic chemicals, or foaming agents

2 thoughts on “Sensitive Skin? Acne?

  1. is the french clay complexion soap no longer available?

    1. Hi Charlotte, It is still available. Check under the Shave, Shampoo & Complexion tab. Flax & French Clay Complexion Soap

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