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Skin in distress?– Rescue Yourself, every time.

I believe that knowledge is silver, but anticipation is gold.

In my house, we need to have the first-aid stations in most corners: the kitchen, bedroom, and – most importantly – in our garage, which doubles as a man cave, home office, and a music studio. We have always stocked it with pain medicines, bandages, disinfectant, and wipes. But what saved our family when the end was nigh, was a simple, multi-purpose balm called Rescue Me, the crisis intervention and miracle worker in one.

Sophisticated multi-tasker

If you think it’s an overstatement to call a skin balm ‘the miracle’, let me tell you a few things about your skin. As the body’s largest organ spanning 22 square feet and weighing around 9 pounds, the skin is human’s first and best defense against external aggressors – bacteria and viruses, UV rays, temperature changes, pollution, toxins, and crazy ideas. In warmer months, it works like a gentle cloth covering our easily overheating body while protecting us from getting sunburned (which we often do, with our insatiable appetite for vitamin D). In wintertime, it keeps us warm and strengthens our immunity fighting off bugs and allergens.

Our skin is the body’s most sophisticated multi-tasker, and one of the first detectors of imbalance and disease in the body. It flares up when our hormones are out of whack, and when we eat poorly or live in too much stress. According to dermatologists, the skin demands nearly as much attention and concern as our psyche. That’s why globally a chronic inflamed, scaling and itchy skin condition called eczema is on the rise. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, nearly 15 million Americans suffer from this form of skin disorder, and most of them are babies and kids.

Treat it gently

With two restless toddlers and a husband with the passion for DIY and ladder hopping, I quickly realized how precious our skin is – and how easily it can get damaged. Curiosity and adventurousness may be crucial for human development, but they are also our skin’s greatest offenders. Think: bruising. In my experience, kids and bruises go hand in hand. They run constantly, bumping into furniture, falling off the stairs or swings. This coupled with their love of wrestling, can result in one thing – a collection of black, blue and purple contusions stamped onto their little bodies and their parents too! Bruises may seem innocent, just the slightly injured blood vessels. But they can cause a lot of pain, not to mention that they very rarely match the spring and summery outfits.

Running amok

But there is even more drama our skin has to suffer: all the cuts, scars, burns, and cracks. Since most of us are always on the go, rushing mindlessly and running amok, we only notice that we wreaked havoc on our skin when the pain kicks in.  After reaching for a pot that’s much too hot or cutting ourselves while trying to cook dinner speedily, and when our skin gets bashed by the cold, heat or harsh chemicals. It is only then that we search for help.

The lifesaver

Fortunately, humans are as reckless as they are inventive, especially in replicating nature. The natural ways have always been the most beneficial to the skin. That’s why Rescue Me balm is so amazing. It is loaded with beeswax, one of the oldest and gentlest animal-made products used by humans, olive oil, 21 essential oils and herbs, and contains zero sulfates or artificial ingredients.

This all-purpose ointment works wonders for the most sensitive pain-points on the body: eczema and psoriasis (it blocks water, moisturizes and soothes itching), acne (it is antibacterial and healing), dry skin (due to its high beeswax content), sunburns, stretch marks, bruises, arthritis, cold sores, radiation scars and more. Some people swear by it as the best natural sore muscle relief, probably because of its other magical component – myrrh, which has been known for its antifungal, antibacterial and pain relief properties since the Biblical times.

So if you love your skin and want it to love you back, consider having less rush in your life plus a more mindful diet and conscious self-care. And if you still occasionally become your old stressy, rushing and clumsy self, and end up with scars, burns and bruises, know that you can nurture your skin back to life with Rescue Me balm.

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