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The Apple of Our Eyes


Without going on too long about apples, we have to set the record straight. We’re pretty big fans of this fruit and not just because they’re the main ingredient of one of our most popular soaps! Lucky for us, our Apple Crisp soap is proudly made in part from New York’s own apple groves.

Back when we first started making soap, we frequented farmer’s markets all across upstate New York. This was long before Farmer’s Markets had crafters like us at every other booth. Selling our goods amid seasoned veterans of the farming communities introduced us to all sorts of products we tested and tried in our soaps. To this day, apples are still our favorite souvenir of our experience.

So, a little background on these delicious fruits…

You might not know this but apples are in the same family of plants as roses. And like roses, if you plant a seed from one specific breed, you may not get one that is even close to the parent plant. Most apples come from grafts of a parent tree that people discovered and liked. They were originally brought to the United States with settlers from Europe. The origin of the apple ventures even further across the world from Europe, in Asia’s Manchuria region. What we now see in the markets and farm stands are varieties that have stood the popularity contest for centuries!

This humble fruit is neither exotic nor tropical, nor consistently pretty or tasty. As you might remember from the lunch your Mom packed you in school, a pretty fruit doesn’t always yield great taste. Thankfully looks don’t matter when added so soap.

For our purposes, apples are more than a fragrance. The skin and meat of the fruit are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber that are good for your skin. When boiled and fermented to make hard cider, apples take on an antiseptic property. It was not uncommon to see cider sanitizing water or the vinegar extract of apples used as a preservative and cure-all. In the same vein, our Apple Crisp soap can claim some serious cleaning capabilities!


When we make Apple Crisp, we use whole New York State apple, peels and all. There are so many benefits between the skin and the meaty fruit that we couldn’t bear to use just one part.

So when you smell the fresh baked scent of your apple spice soap, remember the journey those apples took to make it to your soap.

…Centuries ago in Asia and Europe to the groves of upstate New York!

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