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The SallyeAnder Customer Survey – Fall 2018

11 thoughts on “The SallyeAnder Customer Survey – Fall 2018

  1. Tried the No Bite Me Soap for the first time. Will see if it works. Haven’t walked outside for daily walk since being bitten last week. Have used the cream and it has helped to heal my bites and take away the terrible itch.

  2. I just use the Hog wash for washing up after gardening and projects which require more cleaning power!

  3. I’ve used the deodorant crystal which works great and I work outside . It also lasts a long time . The Henna shampoo bar leaves my hair clean and healthy that’s all I use . And the shaving soaps are another bargain . Lots of good moisturizing lather and this bar will satisfy for many many shaves . Well worth it .

  4. Love milk & Mint!!!

  5. Years ago I was diagnosed with eczema, so I started to go natural. During one of my search I stumbled upon a website called pulsetv where they sell sallyeander selected products. I googled the company and I liked their ingredients. I started buying Sallyeander soap January 2018. I bought a variety to try and I have yet to go through all of them as they do last a while. I bought shampoo bars as well it was good at first we’ll see how it’ll be long term. They used to be free shipping when you reach certain amount but not anymore. I like the soap and once I go through my stash I’ll probably purchase again but that might be awhile.

  6. Love, love, love the Milk and Mint and Almond Goat Milk soaps!!!! Will never go back to regular store bought soap again 🙂

  7. The oatmeal soap is the only one I found that I can use due to very sensitive skin issues. Thank you so much sallyander.

  8. The lip balm is the BEST. Best product I’ve used to keep my lips smooth! Thank you!

  9. I have been buying Sallyander soaps and shampoo bars for at least two years now and I am totally satisfied . I will never go back to conventional soap again . I especially love the shampoo bars . My hair cutter always tells me what great shape my hair is in . Thanks for a great product .

  10. Love Sallye’s soaps…

  11. Simply perfect soap and balms! Our Family cannot live without Sallyeander’s Rescue Me Balm, All of Their KRUDD Products, and No Bite Me Soap and Cream. Organic ingredients and minimal packaging makes their products a must have for every Family!

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