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The Story of No Bite Me Soap & Cream


We had a family cabin in Mountain View, NY in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. My Dad (the Austin kids’ Grandfather) built this cabin as a retreat for the Austin family. We took him up on the offer to escape our neighborhood and got away to the mountains as often as we could during the summer. Unfortunately, so did the bugs. The black flies, punkies, mosquitoes and deer flies are more plentiful than trees in the Adirondacks.

Around the same time I was developing few soaps back home for regular day-to-day use, I realized I could create a product to help keep the black flies away. I experimented with several formulas and even added catnip (and old Amish remedy for bug bites). The soap was created months before the cream just because of how much easier it was for me to make bars.

After using the bar for a while, it became very clear that it couldn’t be effective all day because it has a four hour limit. That’s when we decided to make something that would work without water. I even made sure the cream was an effective “after-bite” cream in case you forgot to put it on. Lo and behold: our infamous No Bite Me Cream!

Now where did that name come from? Our daughter Carolyn named the cream when she was 3-years-old. She would say to every dog she did not know, “No, No-Bite-Me!” The name was a huge hit in our family so it just stuck as a good name for a bug repellant!

My favorite part about the cream isn’t the name but the ingredients. It meant a lot to us that we keep the bar and cream DEET-free. You can read the other ingredients on the products on the label. We include all the active ingredients on every product. For No Bite Me, Cedarwood is a star essential oil, coupled with several species of mint and rose. Patchouli and Vetiver are also included because of their century-old use as a repellant. Then, there are 11 more oils that we add and guard with our life.

At the end of the day, our goal is to protect you as safely and naturally as possible. Bugs are not fun summer companions, but nor are they harmless.

Our No Bite Me Cream is concentrated, so remember that little bit goes a long way. We can’t wait to see photos of your adventures with No Bite Me Bars and Cream. Tag us online and use #NoBiteMeSummer in your posts!

4 thoughts on “The Story of No Bite Me Soap & Cream

  1. My husband and I love this product! We have a seven-month old babe this fly season, and we’re wondering if the product is safe for someone so little. Thank you in advance for your response!

  2. I find this a very effective product, even for the black flies in New Zealand. Would you consider packaging it in a tube? The jar is clunky to carry around.

  3. yes Lisa they can be, if used directly and undiluted. I’ve tried No-Bite-Me on our house rabbit when he is outside for a romp. Rabbits are notorious for sensitivities. They cannot tolerate anything that even cats can.

  4. I have a question. Is it safe to use on dogs. Works for me, now I’d like to help them

    1. GREAT question! YES the No Bite Me cream or soap is perfectly safe to use on any animal. Even if you are worried they will lick, No Bite Me does not contain anything that would harm the animal and it will work to protect them from pesky bugs. I suggest putting some under their legs and on their stomach, and a bit around their ears, to keep the bugs from wanting to swarm.

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