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The Strength of Scents


Ever wonder why your Mom’s cherry pie makes you think of playing hopscotch on the playground? Or how the smell of fresh basil makes you think of summers at your grandparents? 

Our sense of smell is one of the strongest triggers of memories and can transport you back in time faster than any other sense. According to a 2008 article by the New York Times, the olfactory cortex (where smell is deciphered in the body) is embedded within the brain’s limbic system and amygdala, where emotions are born and emotional memories stored.

When we make our soaps with handpicked ingredients and essential oils, we take your sense of smell very seriously. We want you to remember our soaps as healing elements and helpful anecdotes for skin conditions. 


Our favorite smelling soap is our Milk & Mint because it reminds our family of summers at the Adirondack cabin. 

What’s your favorite?

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