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We started packaging our products to please our customers. Before that, they were naked.

It’s true. For the first five years of our selling SallyeAnder soaps, our soaps faced the world stark naked! Because, from the very beginning, our approach was to have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. Our founders, Gary and Karen Austin, had sustainability in the very fibers of their being. They chose then, and we choose today, to put our money into the ingredients, and keep our packaging minimal.

What prompted the move from naked soap to packaged soap?

Don’t get the wrong idea. SallyeAnder packaging is as unusual as our products. What drove the move to packaging our soaps was purely practical: our customers needed to know what soaps they had purchased, so they could buy them again. In a way, that goes back to the history of packaged products. Packages were designed to inform the customer. In our case, we chose classic little brown paper bags that could be composted or recycled. 

Paper is naturally brown, so our brown paper bags are not dyed, which is also more environmentally friendly. We purchase our bags from the largest distributor of paper goods and ensure that our packaging matches the integrity of our products.

Our labels live up to our standards – good information that’s good for the environment.

For many decades, printing was a serious contributor to environmental pollution. Until the 1970s most printer’s ink was petroleum-based. Colored inks added heavy metals to landfills, leaving problems for generations to come. We were lucky enough to come along when socially and environmentally responsible printing was coming on stream and we purchase our colored labels from a green source that offers reusable packaging materials, eco-friendly water-based printing inks and a commitment to utilizing technology to minimize waste.

Keeping it simple suits us, our distributors, and our customers.

There’s a great benefit to being slow to change. We haven’t changed our packaging significantly in more than thirty years. Sallie Austin Gonazales, our CEO, says: “Our long term friends appreciate our values, as they regularly tell us. Newer customers love the way we keep things simple. For SallyeAnder distributors, we give our stores an experience. The customer is able to pick their bars of soap and then pick their brown paper labeled bag. It is a wonderful experience that harks back to the old-style apothecary and contemporary farm markets.”

Newer products keep our traditional standards.

SallyeAnder has introduced some highly innovative products. The complexion bar, KRUDD, and shampoo bar collections have packaging that looks a little different from our essential soaps in their brown paper bags, but rest assured, we haven’t deviated from our principles. All our packaging is recyclable or has been made with recycled materials.

Where we stand on plastic.

The majority of our products are packed in paper because they are bars of one sort or another.

When we began, we put our creams, like “No Bite Me” insect repellent in glass jars. Since this product was used while people were camping, on the beach, or near water, breakage was an issue. So we chose to package our balms and creams in jars made from recycled plastic. We make a conscious choice not to use expensive single-use plastics for our containers. Company-wide, we do our very best to avoid single-use plastics.

Reuse, Reduce, Repurpose, Recycle.

At the roots of SallyeAnder is our promise: “We promise to make skincare and home solutions with an uncompromising commitment to quality that supports a healthier environment for all.”

That’s what powers our desire to reuse materials. But that doesn’t just apply to plastic, it applies to our philosophy. Our Hogwash!’ Soap arose from a desire to use every scrap of precious soap that we make. By adding cornmeal to these scraps, we made a laundry pre-scrub that our customers rave about. It also makes a great hand-scrub when you’ve got greasy, grimy hands to wash. 

Another part of our commitment to reducing the number of products in your home is our development of multipurpose products. Our shampoo bars eliminate the need for a separate plastic bottle of shampoo. Our shave bars eliminate a can of shaving foam.

All of our essential soaps last for months and reduce the need for liquid soap in plastic bottles.

We’ll keep on providing innovative products that simplify your life, that reduces your environmental footprint, and our own. 

3 thoughts on “We started packaging our products to please our customers. Before that, they were naked.

  1. I live in the Jan Jacinto mountains in Idyllwild , CA! I found your “No Bite Me” soap in a shop in the Village and have given it to many hikers and campers! Its a must when working in warm weather. Now I will put it in my vacation rentals along with other products. Im a huge fan ! Juanice

    1. Thank for sharing your SallyeAnder success story, Juanice! Hope you’ve been able to try the “No-Bite-Me” cream too. Give California a big hug from us…we love it out there.

    2. Thanks for sharing your SallyeAnder success story, Juanice! Hope you’ve been able to try the “No-Bite-Me” cream too. Give California a big hug from us…we love it out there.

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