What Makes our Shampoo Bars Better?

Over the past 35 years, we’ve made some really interesting types of products. Shampoo bars were one of our earliest creations dating back to the early 90’s. Gary, our founder, was approached by a regular customer at a farmers market, looking for something to help with her severe dandruff. Gary formulated our Pine Tar and Nettle Shampoo bar, and several other bars to help specific hair types. This past year we have seen an increase in awareness of shampoo ingredients, with bigger companies finally ditching some bad ingredients. Paraben free products are all the rage right now, and we are happy to see this change in our culture! We have been making our Shampoo bars for years, and like all of our products, formulate with a purpose.

Here are some amazing reasons why our shampoo bars beat out all the rest:

No Detergent: Let’s face it: Hair is just actually dead skin cells and doesn’t need much. The root follicle of your hair, on your scalp, is alive and needs to be healthy to produce healthy looking hair.

So what’s the difference between our shampoo bars and liquid shampoo, say from a salon or the corner market? First, our shampoos have no detergent in them. Liquid shampoos and dish detergent vary only by the amount of detergent in them.

No harsh sulfates or parabens: Sodium lauryl sulfates can be found in just about every liquid shampoo on the market. It creates the bubbles that strip all the oils off your hair and does nothing to keep your hair healthy. Your hair is like a newly paved road when healthy, smooth and protected. Store shampoos do clean the hair, but it is left like a road that has had serious winter damage – full of potholes.

Our most favorite feature of SallyeAnder Shampoo bars is that they can help your scalp stay healthy, naturally.

Our shampoo bars won’t strip your hair. They are slightly lower on the pH scale just like your scalp. Our bars don’t destroy the natural flora on your scalp, keeping your hair healthy and vibrant. Keep in mind that while you’re growing out your new healthy hair when using our shampoo bars, your hair may seem a bit dry because it’s been hooked on conditioners. The glycerin in our shampoo bars helps keep the moisture in, and we also add castor oil to promote a healthy shine.

No Pollution: This one is pretty straightforward, we aren’t adding any plastics or junk into the water. Our bars are made from all natural ingredients that are safe for rivers and streams. SallyeAnder places the value of the product directly along to YOUR HAIR. With our Shampoo Bars you aren’t paying for packaging or adding plastic bottles to a landfill. Each Shampoo Bar will last 3-4 months in the shower, with no waste from the packaging.

How to use our Shampoo Bars: Haven’t used a shampoo bar before? This is the fun part! Apply the bar directly to your wet hair in a circular motion to create lather. Work lather into hair and scalp starting from the scalp and moving down the length of your hair. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if desired. Follow with our conditioning rinse. Safe to use daily, but we recommend only washing your hair every 2-4 days. Give your hair 4-5 washes to acclimate to its new shampoo.

Apple Cider Vinegar: To condition your hair until it gets healthy again, we recommend a rinse of 1 part CIDER vinegar and 2 parts water- that’s it! The cider vinegar is closer in pH to the oils your scalp produces. No, you won’t smell like a salad, but you could add a few drops of you favorite essential oil to the vinegar mix, to make the scent a bit more refreshing. It is amazing how your hair will feel after the rinse with just some simple natural items!

Specially Formulated Bars for YOUR hair type: Each bar we make is specially formulated for a specific type of hair. Detailed descriptions below. Please reach out if you need advice on which bar is right for your hair type. All of our bars can also double as a body bar, making them the perfect travel companion.

Calendula & Chamomile Shampoo: Perfect for babies & blondes, this bar is our most gentle. Calendula and chamomile soothe and protect hair cells from damaging free radicals, softens and brightens gently.

Apple & Ginger Shampoo: For oily hair and scalp, this bar is revitalizing and made for mature or stressed hair. Apple helps remove buildup on follicles for fuller healthier hair. Ginger works to liven hair and soften scalp while helping to kill bacteria gently and naturally.

Red Clay & Henna Shampoo: For all hair types and to give luster to your hair. Neutral henna has been used for centuries to highlight, condition and add body. Red clay draws out dirt, oils and impurities, leaving hair follicles tight and smooth.

Tea Tree & Spruce Shampoo: This bar is made specially for active people and is great as a gym bar. It can be used for hair and body. Enriched with tea tree and spruce to invigorate and refresh. Tea tree helps fight dandruff and relieve itching. Spruce controls bacteria and stimulates circulation gently and naturally.

Pine Tar & Nettle Shampoo: This bar is specially formulated for dandruff and psoriasis. Pine tar and nettle cleanse and tone both hair and scalp. Pine tar fights the bacterial and fungal causes of dandruff. Nettle relieves the itching and soreness of psoriasis while maintaining softness and shine gently and naturally.

Healthy hair begins with a healthy diet so don’t let it get sabotaged by detergent after it has grown.Be good to your hair.

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  • Sandy Fox

    I purchased the RAKIA soap and it said it can be used as a shampoo. I have very thick hair and I did not like it at all. My hair didn’t feel clean and it felt like I had a thick film on my hair. Was this not supposed to be used as a shampoo? Does it not work on thick hair? My hair isn’t oily. Would the red clay and henna work better? I do like the RAKIA as a soap.

    September 7, 2018 at 12:32 am

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