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Why ‘Hogwash!’ soap will be your family’s best friend 

Before you became a parent, you probably had quite an ambivalent approach to cleanliness. You did laundry when you were out of clean clothes and vacuumed the house once a week or before the guests arrived. Most of us manage to stay in the middle of the broad ‘clean spectrum’, far from being compulsive cleaners or mess aficionados. 

But when you have kids, your approach to dirt changes exponentially. Children don’t just transform your life – they revolutionize it. They will plant a buttery toast onto your favorite coach, spew bountifully on your most expensive silk blouse and then also somehow end up with the world of colorful stains on their clothing. And suddenly soap – this simplest of human inventions – becomes your daily bread, your Holy Grail, and your best friend. It can help to save your life from the dread of stained clothing, wee and poop-soaked sheets, spotty carpets, and ink-splashed hands.

Yes, this blog is an ode to our humble bar of soap called ‘Hogwash!’. Dubbed a ‘housekeeping life-saver’ and a ‘multipurpose wonder’, it also doubles as a powerful (and chemical-free!) stain remover and gentle hand scrub. 

So if you ever wondered how one handmade bar of soap could make your parenting journey just a little lighter, read on. 

Dirt makes them happy. Clean keeps us sane. 

Nature is the best playground for our little humans. They thrive when roaming outside – jumping in muddy puddles, digging holes in the ground, and rolling off the grassy hills. Outdoor play enhances kids’ cognitive, physical, social, and emotional wellbeing. It is also good for their immune systems. “Every child should have mud pies, grasshoppers, water bugs, tadpoles, frogs, trees to climb, sand, huckleberries, and hornets to play with,” an American botanist Luther Burbank wrote beautifully. 

This goes in line with an old saying, “Messy kid is a happy kid” – plus a slightly less happy mother. Because, as all parents know, when kids play, they get dirty! 

Imagine an all-natural soap full packed of essential oils that helps you to remove all the stains pain-free and moisturizes your hands in the process. You wet the dirty item, rub the bar into the stain gently and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before throwing it in the wash. And then the laundry comes out squeaky clean. Doesn’t it sound like a little household heaven? 

‘Hogwash!’ stain remover does its job so well because it contains small, coarse pieces of cornmeal, lending it extra scrubbing superpowers. Additionally, both the enzymes found in cornmeal and the added glycerin help to dissolve the stains. It is proven to work well even for all the toughest, play-induced stains: grass, blood, and tomato sauce (really, you have never played the spaghetti ‘Star Wars’?). 

Clean house, clean mind

There is a powerful psychology behind cleanliness, and we can tell you straight away – if you’re clean, you win. A plethora of scientific studies prove that one correlation: when your house is fresh and smells nice, your mind can sink into relaxation. 

A 2010 study by Indiana University found out that people with clean houses are healthier than people with messy abodes. And in a survey by the National Sleep Foundation, scientists discovered that 78% of people admit to sleeping better on freshly laundered, spotless sheets. 

So now you can think of your handy soap as a wellbeing-boosting tool. It pretty much works like aromatherapy, meditation and yoga rolled in one. 

Simple solutions for the win

Parents of young kids rarely go out, which can give them a serious case of FOMO. So if you feel like you’ve missed out on some luxurious spa trips, the solution may well sit on your sink (or in your laundry room!). 

Each ‘Hogwash!’ soap consists of bits of SallyeAnder soaps bars, glycerin, olive oil, cornmeal (the same found in corn tortillas and fritters), and clays and natural edible ingredients that attribute to the colors. That’s why it not only cleans but also moisturizes and gently scrubs the skin. 

Onto mindful consumption

More and more of us are deciding to choose products that create good, eco-friendly habits. It is good to know that the product you commit to buying is created thoughtfully. 

The story of ‘Hogwash!’ soap is a testament to the conscious, eco-friendly philosophy. The Founders of SallyeAnder didn’t want to throw away any trimmings and miscut bars of soap left from production, so they decided to use them and created an entirely new product. This no-waste approach is applaudable. 

All SallyeAnder soaps are made from olive oil sourced directly from another family company in Portugal. No palm oil or coconut oil used means both your hands and your conscience can stay clean. 

As they say, less is more and simple is the best, especially when it comes to family life. ‘Hogwash!’ is a double (or even triple) solution in one. You can use it to clean pretty much everything around the house – from your kids’ grubby little fingers, the muddy stains your dog left on the armchair, to that naughty red wine stain on the dress or the yellowing ring around the otherwise-perfect white shirt. It is gentle on sensitive skin, easy on the eco-conscience mind, and the environment, and you don’t have to buy a ton of products to achieve the same results.

Dear parents, stay clean, sane, and healthy!

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Written by our contributor: Alex Reszelska 

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