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Why natural essential oils are the real deal.

It’s your overall health and wellbeing, not only the pleasures of your nose, that matter to us. That’s why at SallyeAnder, we only ever use natural essential oils to make our products.


Synthetic or natural?

Did you know that it takes about 242,000 rose petals to make 15ml of rose essential oil, and nearly 3000 lemons to produce less than a kilo of lemon oil? Yes, nobody said that making all-natural essential oil products is cost-effective, but it truly makes a huge difference to our bodies and minds.

Fragrance oils – which can be either natural or synthetic – don’t grow in the soil but are produced in laboratories. They may smell similar (and sometimes their fragrance lasts longer), but they have very little in common with the real thing. Synthetic oils are artificially created from chemical compounds that don’t exist in nature. So it’s not really a eucalyptus or myrrh that you can smell in the bottle, but the chemical formula that copies their natural sequence of molecules. There’s nothing magical or Godly about them; they’re just a human-made copy. What’s more, they are often composed of petroleum by-products, making them much cheaper but also more dangerous to our health. Synthetic oils may contribute to skin sensitivities, headaches, nausea, fatigue, allergies, and hormone imbalances.

Gifts of nature

Essential oils, on the other hand, are derived from all the best that our Planet has to offer – the leaves, petals, bark, and peels or stems of plants, herbs, and flowers. These go through a somewhat alchemical process of cold-press or steam distillation.

Because natural essential oils come from nature and not just replicate it, they directly affect our body’s limbic system – the oldest part of our brain dedicated to memory, emotions, and hormones. Some scientists admit that they may work on our minds and bodies on the molecular level through various receptor sites. In their beautiful book Natural Home Health Care Using Essential Oils, Daniel Penoel and Rose-Marie Penoel write that there is no more sacred gift of nature than plants.

“A high-quality essential oil of true lavender is an irreplaceable gift of nature because it provides so many benefits. True mountain lavender, called fine lavender when it is picked in the wild state, distilled at low pressure for a long enough time (up to 90 minutes), produces an essential oil that is incomparable in its mildness, its inimitable fragrance, and its therapeutic qualities. In the mountains of Provence, people use lavender for all sorts of problems, pains, sores, burns, bruises, bites, stings, spasms, etc. Like a reflex, they have acquired an immediate response. It has become a part of their culture because they always have a bottle of essential oil of lavender on hand.”

Healthy benefits of oils

When natural essential oils are inhaled, or used on the skin in products like our natural soaps and creams, we can notice several positive responses. Our stress levels decrease, we experience less anxiety and more mental clarity, and our sleep quality improves.

Additionally, what we love most about using essential oils in our products are their unique healing properties. Some – like clove, peppermint, and rosemary – are naturally antibacterial. Others – like lavender, bergamot, and eucalyptus – have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, and they increase circulation while alleviating congestion and pain.

As Sallie Austin Gonzales, SallyeAnder’s CEO and the Founder’s daughter recollects fondly: “My earliest childhood memories were of soap and the scent of essential oils. That’s why I have always believed in making skincare and home solutions with an uncompromising commitment to quality that supports a healthier environment for all.”

Soap alchemy

Our finest-quality natural essential oils come from all over the world: France, Bulgaria, Egypt, and Morocco, to name a few. And we only ever choose to work with companies that have the highest standards for plant life – that’s why essential oils in all of our products smell divine and make for potent and boldly fragrant creations.

Our own soap alchemist and the Founder of SallyeAnder, Gary Austin, shares some details behind his creative process of making essential oils soap:

“I compound scents that capture what inspired me, based on things that are familiar or evoke treasured memories. So the idea for a soap most often comes first. Sometimes, I catch a whiff of two different scents, and it inspires completely new combinations. The compounds of essential oils often don’t smell the same on their own than and when added to the soap, so there is a lot of creative experimentation and scientific exploration. Sometimes, the oils not only smell beautiful but also serve a practical purpose, just like in the “No-Bite-Me” bug-repelling series.

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