Native to China, northern India and western Asia, jasmine treats headaches, insomnia and coughs, and adds flavor to rice and tea. It has a sweet, romantic smell that makes it perfect for aromatherapy, cosmetics and skin care. Jasmine essential oil, extracted from the white flowers of the plant, provides an excellent treatment for dry, irritated or sensitive skin. Jasmine is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, and tonic.

Benefits of Jasmine for Skin:

  • Sweet, romantic scent. Jasmine’s sweet smell is known to improve mood and therefore works well in aromatherapy. The oil may be applied to the skin for a relaxing massage. It is commonly used in soaps, perfumes and other cosmetic products.
  • Antiseptic and cleansing. Jasmine also contains antiseptic properties that cleanse the skin while leaving a sweet, fresh scent. It is antimicrobial which means that harmful microorganisms, including various strains of bacteria, will have a hard time making your skin their home.
  • Healing properties. In addition to treating skin infections by combating bacteria and other microorganisms, jasmine also helps to heal minor wounds, cuts or scratches. It increases your skin’s ability to create scar tissue resulting in skin that heals faster.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Jasmine also contains anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it may be effective in treating skin disorders resulting from skin inflammation such as psoriasis.
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