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SallyeAnder was founded in 1982 by my parents Gary and Karen Austin.

When they realized they had created a soap bar that helped my brother Aaron with his eczema, my Dad, Gary, being the creative spirit he is, said, "Let’s see what else I can make!" As time went on, friends and family would share the skin ailments they were looking to treat, and my dad would head to the garage and start working.  My mom Karen, an artist, and a true boot-strapper, is why SallyeAnder made it out into the world for others to find. From home parties to farmer's markets, my mom ensured that the products would meet those who needed them.

Making and selling soap became my parents' livelihood. It wasn't easy when people didn't seek out "handmade natural soap," and "natural" in general, was an alternative lifestyle.  But my parents knew they had something special when their customers came back to thank them (and buy again!), told their friends and then businesses asked to carry some in their store.

And so they kept at it, all the while, building a family too. My brother Aaron, then me (Sallie), then Carolyn, and then Sam (The No-Bite-Me boy!). The four of us could go on and on about what it was like growing up in a natural soap and skincare business, but let's just say, the kids at school used to call me Soapy Sallie. Can you blame them when you show up smelling like essential oils from your parent's workshop!?

There's a lot that's happened since those early days in Minetto, NY. Big risks, significant wins, the growth of a collection of products, the development of an incredible team, and the birth of my own family. Sometimes we can hardly believe we're celebrating40 yearrs. No one would have ever guessed I'd moved back, help run the company and then take the reins as a second-generation owner and operator of this idea and passion, turned business, my parents seeded and grew. But here we are, and it feels oh so good to have you join us.

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