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SallyeAnder's Story

As a lifelong Upstate New Yorker, I come from a family deeply rooted in the love of nature and the art of creating. Growing up, I was surrounded by makers and doers who found solace and joy in the outdoors and working with their hands. The beauty of our lush forests and glistening lakes shaped our family's identity and instilled in us a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural world. There was nothing quite like a weekend spent at our family cabin in the Adirondack Mountains.

In 1982, a pivotal moment occurred that would forever change the trajectory of our lives. My father, Gary Austin, inspired by the resourcefulness and practicality of his childhood neighbor and mentor, "SallyeAnder", embarked on a journey outside the 80's mainstream. He sought to alleviate my brother's troubled skin naturally, and in his pursuit, he turned to the power of handmade soaps.

Our cozy family kitchen became a sanctuary of innovation and love as my father crafted the first-ever soap bars. The tender care and thoughtfulness that went into their creation provided relief for my brother's sensitive skin and ignited a passion. Driven by this passion, my mother (a natural salesperson with a big heart!) shared the soaps at local farmer's markets, helping others along the way.

Now, a generation later, I find myself at the helm of the SallyeAnder natural skincare company, carrying forward the legacy of my parent's ingenuity and desire to make a difference. Our headquarters reside in the Hudson River town of Beacon, nestled in the breathtaking Hudson Valley. Living here, I am reminded daily of the roots from which our family's love for the outdoors and commitment to craftsmanship sprung.

Guided by the same unwavering dedication to melding purity of craft, boundless creativity, and an ardent desire to help others, I continue to steer SallyeAnder forward, now with a family of my own.

SallyeAnder embodies our family's enduring appreciation of and solace found in the outdoors and we invite you to step into our world and embark on an exciting journey with us, where the spirit of outdoor adventure intertwines with the care for sensitive skin and comforts of life.

- Sallie Austin, Founder's Daughter & CEO

It’s as simple as 100% hypoallergenic skincare

SallyeAnder wants to help make your skincare journey as healthy and happy as possible. Because you and your skin are going to spend a lifetime together, we’ve spent decades developing specialized, pure essential oil formulas with naturally moisturizing glycerin to support the vitality of your skin. Enjoy the natural skincare goodness.

No animal testing
No artificial dyes
No foaming agents
No synthetic chemicals
No sodium laurel sulfates

Ingredient Guide

Supporting our community

SallyeAnder proudly supports our local Hudson Valley and greater New York communities in need through funds and the gift of hygienic well-being.

Through our collaborations with food banks, mutual aid groups, and outreach services, we ensure that individuals receive the care and comfort they deserve.

Every year, we proudly donate thousands of soap bars and skincare that have a dual impact. Not only do these bars contribute to the health and well-being of one's skin, but they also bring a delightful experience to everyday life.

Read and learn more about this initiative and the organizations we work with at the blog post below!


Our Team



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Bayberry Candles
Gary Austin


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Ayate Soap Pouch


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No-Bite-Me™ Pack

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Balsam Vetiver (Reserve)

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