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Empowering Lives Through Community Support: SallyeAnder's Commitment to Giving Back

Empowering Lives Through Community Support: SallyeAnder's Commitment to Giving Back

At SallyeAnder, we believe in the power of skincare to enhance well-being. However, our dedication to making a positive impact extends far beyond our products. We are proud to actively support organizations and individuals in need, making a difference in the Hudson Valley and the greater New York area. Through our community work and donations, we strive to empower lives and promote a brighter future for all.


Supporting Those in Need: We understand that access to quality skincare, and personal care essentials can profoundly affect an individual's well-being, especially during challenging times. That's why we partner with various organizations, including charities, food banks, mutual aid groups, and outreach services. Providing our handmade soap bars and other essential products aims to bring comfort, hygiene, and self-care to those facing adversity.


During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges to our communities. In response, we felt compelled to step up and support those most affected by the crisis. We donated over 5,000 handmade soap bars to local school lunch drives and essential care workers. Our contributions not only provided essential hygiene products but also served as a symbol of beauty and joy during these trying times.


Organizations Receiving Our Support: We are humbled to collaborate with incredible organizations that share our commitment to improving lives. 


    1. Newburgh Armory Unity Center: In 2023 SallyeAnder sponsored the Kaplan-Larkin Golf Tournament, raising money for the Newburgh Armory Unity Center. The Newburgh Armory Unity Center (NAUC) has been changing young lives since 2010, providing free educational programming from literacy classes to career path exploration, all aimed at ending poverty and eliminating the need for academic remediation.
    2. SallyeAnder Community Scholarship: 2023 was SallyeAnder's inaugural High School Computer Scholarship that offered students the opportunity to apply and be chosen based on an essay answering the following question: "IN THE SPIRIT OF SALLYEANDER'S MISSION STATEMENT PLEASE WRITE AN ESSAY detailing how you have done something on your own terms, with a positive outcome. For example, you had an idea for something and went ahead and did it your own way to great success." The answers were fun and inspiring to read! Two students were awarded the scholarships. 
    3. The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley: We recognize the importance of addressing food insecurity, and that's why we stand alongside The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley. We often donate soap to be included in grocery pick-ups, which offers individuals and families high-quality hygiene products for their daily life.
    4. Fearless! Newburgh: A service provider for victims and survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual violence, and other types of crime victimization. SallyeAnder donates our soaps and balms to Fearless! Newburgh with the understanding of the comfort and empowerment of feeling cared for and of using hygienic products that support your skin and health. 
    5. Fareground: Our partnership with Fareground aims to offer high-quality hygienic products alongside healthy local food, contributing to the well-being of our communities.

At SallyeAnder, our commitment to giving back is at the core of our values. Through our community work and donations, we strive to empower lives, promote well-being, and create lasting positive change that makes people feel cared for. We are inspired by the incredible organizations we collaborate with and the individuals we connect with through our contributions. Together, we are building a stronger, more compassionate community, one bar of soap at a time. 

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