Heavy Duty Hand Therapy Cream


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SallyeAnder’s Heavy Duty Hand Therapy Cream is a soothing, healing treatment for everyday wears and tears on our hands. Our cream is paraben and alcohol-free. Will help hands that have seen a lot of washing and hand sanitizer use.

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Our moisturizing Hand Therapy is an overnight therapy that works! Let it loose on feet, elbows, knees as well as severely dry hands that are cracked and bleeding.

There are some parts of our bodies that are a little harder to soothe than others. If you work with your hands, and most of us do at some point in our day, you can all too easily find yourself with cracked and even bleeding hands. If your knees get a little rough from gardening, you need a soothing, healing therapy balm that brings you major moisturizing powers, and superior softening capabilities. That’s when SallyeAnder Heavy Duty Hand Therapy is the kindest way to treat chapped, rough, cracked skin, wherever and whenever it occurs. We’ve combined soothing butter (cocoa, and shea butter), essential oils of rosemary, tea tree, calendula and aloe that are known for their ability to infuse moisture into your parched skin. It’s super concentrated, so you only need a little rubbed in gently and left overnight…you’ll see the results the next morning! It even helps sore noses after a cold. Super concentrated. Paraben-free. Alcohol-free.

cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, calendula, myrrh, aloe, rosemary, tea tree, and essential oils.

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24 reviews for Heavy Duty Hand Therapy Cream

  1. Elizabeth Podraza (verified owner)

    This hand cream is a game changer. No more cracked hands in the winter! I use it year-round because it helps my dry cuticles as well. It has a strong odor, but I rather like it!

  2. David W. (verified owner)

    I love this product!
    I use it mainly on my dry hands and feet.
    Works amazingly.
    I also am impressed with the fast shipping and the Christmas season sales are great. All the fam is getting some as gifts this year…

  3. lynnehbway

    Through the years, I probably have almost every hand cream known to man. Since March ’20 with the constant washing of hands, feeling them while doing so was just as difficult
    as looking at them!!

    Went on a mission to find “emergency” hand cream. Stopped at your product
    and decided to give it a shot since it’s only 2 ounces. Been using for almost 2 weeks.

    Do not like fragrances on my person, and my hands are not going to look
    like they did 25 years ago, but boy do they feel better! Believe it or not,
    the fragrance is no longer an issue!!

    Instructions say use sparingly. Don’t know how to do that!! It is conveniently
    located so that after almost every wash, out comes the hand therapy!!!

  4. bijou1211 (verified owner)

    This is much better than the Rescue me Balm. It still has a strong smell but it is much more pleasant and does absorb into the skin So far I haven’t seen huge results but I will continue to use it.

  5. sophia thankaraj (verified owner)

    amazing cream! skin feels very smooth & soft after use .smells amazing. little goes a long way

  6. jaimesk

    This cream is amazing for my Ceramist hands which are extremely dry after working with clay all day. I love it and so does my aunt!

  7. sdstetler (verified owner)

    Purchased about two months ago and have enjoyed this product. It is a thick cream and a lot goes a long way. Due to excessive washing because of virus concerns, my hands were in a bad way. This cream really helped to heal and maintain my skin.

  8. Jodi Zagrabelny (verified owner)

    This stuff works better than any other hand cream. It really does heal and I can’t get enough of the smell., I love it. I’m a true fan and have gotten some friends hooked on it as well.

  9. Joy Hopkins (verified owner)

    Love this product. It really does help my hands which are really dry and is helping my nails grow. I did have an issue with my order (one product not included in shipment) and cannot get any response (it has been over a week).

  10. Dhara Sampat (verified owner)

    This is the best cream that I have ever used on my dry skin. It works like magic. After using this one, nothing else comes close in terms of effectiveness. Highly recommended for dry, peeling, chapped skin etc. And to think that I randomly chanced upon it in an Amish store in Lancaster!

  11. ssie (verified owner)

    With all this hand washing going on, the Heavy Duty Hand Therapy is a godsend. It really works! Also love the smell.

  12. Jessie Haviland (verified owner)

    I don’t know how I ever lived without this stuff! I randomly bought it right after Christmas, to deal with my severe winter hands. Since I was a kid, I’ve had horribly dry hands that crack and bleed every winter….and then the pandemic happened, and I’ve never washed/sanitized my hands so much. This has been a legitimate life saver! It’s definitely a night-time cream, since it’s heavy, but I use it every night before bed and I’ve yet to have any cracking since. Will be a life-long user!

  13. Cheryl Harmeling

    The best! I am a nurse so am constantly washing my hands & using hand sanitizer. By the end of the shift my hands are a chalky mess. This cream restores them right away and is pretty much the only type I have found to really work. Thank you!!!

  14. mdinv1

    I have a seasonal issue where my hands start peeling. It is a little embarrassing as it looks like I’m molting like a snake. I have tried a number of other products but only Sallyeander hand cream totally clears it up and works in a couple of days. It is really amazing. I also happen to like the scent. Skin issues with your hands get it. I love the soaps too.

  15. jacey.schamel (verified owner)

    Yes this has a strong scent and it took me a couple days to get used to it but now I love the smell. I am hypersensitive to most smells but it’s natural and that is why I was able to. Boyfriend and I were t-boned on the motorcycle last year and I used this on my wounds after they closed and the skin around them that got very dry. It was the only thing that helped stop the itch and helped heal the skin. The ingredients are healing. Can’t live without it now. Lol

  16. Michelle

    I usually have sweaty hands in the warmer months and dry during the winter. Now that I’m washing my hands more frequently as a result of the coronavirus, my hands are significantly dryer to the point of pain. I picked this up over the weekend and it’s been a life saver! The balm is so healing and it keeps me hands soft and moist. I love the smell too! Please don’t stop making this or any of your products for that matter!

  17. Stephanie

    Your Heavy Duty Hand Therapy Moisturizing Balm has literally saved my hands in the midsts of constant hand washing and anti bacterial use….I can not thank you enough!!! My hands were burning, red, cracking and scaley. Other lotions were relieving the issue, but after a few days of using this balm, my hands feel and look so much better! *do you sell it in a 5 gallon buckets (joking/not joking)*
    Thank you for making a awesome, natural, local product. I for one am grateful!

  18. Mary Jo Driscoll (verified owner)

    I whole-heartedly recommend this product. I have a landscaping business and am washing and scrubbing my hands constantly. This cream, unlike all others I’ve tested, repairs my cracked skin and deeps it soft and supple. I’m so glad I discovered it!

  19. Michele

    This hand cream is a miracle worker! My daughters hands were so dry and red and nothing was working. We tried straight shea butter that helped but hands were still dry and red. After just two days-back to normal!! We’ve been treating it for weeks with hardly any improvement. This stuff is amazing!!

  20. taz5552894 (verified owner)

    This was the only product that cured my dry hands. My skin was cracked so badly that I was snagging everything soft with my dry hands. No lotion or oil I used worked. I gave this Balm a try and saw the difference in one day. Love this balm it has really helped me.

  21. Annie Wetwiski (verified owner)

    Love this stuff! It is amazing on dry winter hands. My sons have horrible eczema and this is the only cream that works for them.

  22. Sheryl

    Love this product. It is so nourishing to my hands that are horrible from yard work. But I wanted to report is that I got a glycolic peel and my face was extremely over-exfoliated. Esthetician said to put olive or coconut oil on it. I ended up using this, which I wasn’t sure as I can only use products that are non-comedogenic on my face. It was so healing my face looked better the next day! And no clogged pores. I am so impressed with the ingredients used in these products.

  23. gloria crane

    I purchased a jar of your Heavy Duty Hand Therapy Moisturizing Balm yesterday and, so far, am really happy with it. I have eczema on my hands, legs and feet and nothing seems to help. What sold me on your Hand Therapy Balm was the listed ingredients. I have high hopes that I’ve finally found something that helps and will give me relief.

  24. Christine Gowers

    This stuff is AWESOME…I was leaving for FL in a week…my feet needed help…put this stuff on at night with socks, the next morning I saw results. Few days later my cracks were almost invisible. I would recommend this product. The only downside is the strong menthol smell, but I can deal with it because it works.

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